Latin America Russia China

Colder War: China and Russia Penetrate US Influence in Latin America

As Trump’s international policies have fenced the US apart from their American neighbors in the South, the Eastern giants of Russia and People’s Republics of China have made their own path to strengthen relations with fast-growing Latin America, performing delicate movements that have been seen as unthreatening by Washington.
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Credit Card Unauthorized Transactions

Hacked Credit Card: Who is to Blame for Unauthorized Transactions?

You checked your online banking statement and the horror struck you right there. You have unauthorized transactions debited from your account or credit card without you knowing it! You immediately stormed out of the house, went straight to your bank and then questioned them regarding the unauthorized transactions. You went all the way delivering a monologue on how you were hacked and how incompetent your bank is. Whoah. Just. Stop. Right. There.
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Paradise Papers

Paradise Papers Leak: Tax Haven Galore

The Paradise Papers are the second biggest leak since the infamous Panama Papers in April 2016. Both of them uncovered the extensive offshore activities in so-called tax havens of major companies and wealthy individuals, from the US to Pakistan. But what do the Panama Papers actually tell us?
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Money is an idea

Money: The Story of a Neat Idea

Money is a funny concept. We regularly trade goods against colorful pieces of paper. But why? What makes money worth anything and how foolproof is it? Let’s take a quick and overly simplified tour through the history of currencies and see why money, after all, is nothing more than a neat idea.
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Minimum Wage Increase

How Canadians Lose With The $15.00 Minimum Wage Increase

In the last ten years, Ontarians in Canada have seen a whopping $3.40 cent minimum wage increase from $8.00 per hour in 2007 to the $11.40 per hour we see today. Now, Kathleen Wynne wants to increase the minimum wage to $15.00 per hour — a $3.60 cent increase in less than two years. Many are shocked, most are appalled, and all business owners are deeply concerned.
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Puerto Rico

Despacito: Watching Puerto Rico’s Economy Slowly Collapsing

As Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito” continues to dominate the U.S. charts as one of the most successful Latin American songs in modern U.S. history, many people are watching the music video and finding themselves drawn into the cities and beaches of Puerto Rico.
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South Korea Economy

South Korea: From Struggle to Success

When you research the fastest growing economies in the world right now, South Korea naturally comes up at the top of the list. South Korea’s economy is not only dominating the cosmetic world with some of the best products regarding quality and price, but also the culinary world, technology, and even media.
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Venezuela expats

Venezuela – Decision Making: Stories From Home and Abroad

A few days ago, I was overwhelmed with the idea that my decisions were not mine anymore. I had this feeling of leaving my decision-making process to others, to chance and to some obscure strings that were pulling my life towards many different directions. I was not the owner of my future; my plans belonged to someone else.
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