The World Oceans Day

The world’s oceans are a place of serene beauty, teeming with life in some areas and masked with darkness in others, they manage to seem full and yet empty, beautiful, and yet feral. The oceans generate most of the oxygen we breathe, they help feed us, they regulate our climate, give us new and exciting potential medicines, and cover 71% of the earth in their vastness.
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GMO Unbiased

What is GMO? – An Unbiased Approach

The conversation about genetically modified organisms (GMO) seems to always end up in one of two places: you either end up listening to “Frankenfood” hysteria or to the lip service of biased companies involved in the use of genetic engineering technologies. There is hardly ever any room made for an unbiased view on the subject. Here is an unbiased rundown of what genetic modification is, the technology’s relevance to our society, and what the science says about the risks of using genetic engineering. Read more

The Battle of the

It seems as though everyone in the free world has heard of Amazon has been a popular, major online retailer for years. They sell nearly anything you can imagine, from movie posters to power tools and vegan grocery items to baby powder. Read more

Keystone XL pipeline

The Keystone XL Pipeline Project Controversy

If you’ve turned on the television, read a magazine, picked up a newspaper, or even logged into Facebook within recent years, chances are high that you’ve seen or heard the term “Keystone Pipeline” mentioned a time or two. For casual observers to read about delayed constructions and environmentalist protests on the “crawl” of their favorite news channel, it’s easy for the stereotypical imagery of the unwashed granola consumer impeding industrial innovation to leave lasting impressions on their minds.
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Greenpeace Vs. Shell: What is it all about?

Is there anything more timeless in the modern jungle culture of the toys industry than the humble LEGO brick? As a child, they were the cornerstone of my rainy Saturday afternoons. Hours would while away as I constructed plastic multi-coloured kingdoms around me. They were the breath of fresh air in the toy shop, luring me away from the aisles of pink frilly tutus, Barbie dolls and Polly Pockets. They encouraged problem-solving, collaboration, creativity and competition. Who could build the tallest tower? Who could make the strongest LEGO castle? Epic battles were waged with my brother and sister to find the answers. Read more