Mike Cernovich

Mike Cernovich: Trolling your Way to Major Political Influence

There are very few e-celebrities as controversial as Mike Cernovich… or at least that’s what he’d have you believe. The former lawyer started his online career with “Crime and Federalism”, a blog about law, politics and current affairs. After that, he moved on to create a rather prolific, but quite popular manosphere blog, called “Danger and Play”. And this is where it all started.
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Trump Twitter Parents Children

Donald 2.0: How to Avoid Raising the Next Trump

Donald Trump is many things. He is, of course, the President of the United States. He is the mastermind behind “The Apprentice.” But above all else, he’s a child. From Twitter tantrums to name-calling, Trump is easily the most childish 71-year-old president in history. His lack of sensitivity and respect and his self-centered, fragile ego are traits that should have prevented him from becoming the head of the United States of America – and yet, here we are. Something went right for Trump and, subsequently, wrong for America. Parents: it’s on us now to do whatever we can to avoid bringing up Trump 2.0.
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President Trump Business

Donald Trump: A President and His Business

The President of the United States is an official position filled with varies moral responsibilities and requirements. One of these requirements is the sole dedication and loyalty to the country and its citizens. Donald Trump seemingly fulfills neither of those requirements, as he is frequently seen and quoted with utmost concern toward himself and no one else, which raises an important question. Just how impartial is President Trump in regards to his own business, which he, unlike other Presidents, doesn’t seem to give up? The truth is, Donald Trump earns more than ever, thanks to his Presidency, and he seems eager to exploit it to the fullest extent.
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Arthur Jones Nazi Republican Congress

Arthur Jones: A Republican Nazi for Congress?

We often like to point out worrisome right-wing ideologies amongst populist Republicans in the US and elsewhere in the world, and in doing so, hope to avoid slipping in a mindset where racism and bigotry are normal attitudes to have in politics. It’s only when we witness true nazi ideology when we realize just how far that sentiment can drift off in the wrong direction. Let us introduce Arthur Jones, running for Congress in an Illinois District as the only registered Republican, while also being an outspoken holocaust denier, preaching horrible hate speech against Jews, immigrants and everyone that isn’t a Christian Englishperson. Is he a Republican Nazi?
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Autocracy Autocrat Trump Putin

Who Needs Democracy? Autocracy is the New Black!

Ruling a country means going with time and going with time means to have some cool retroactive nostalgia going on. What better times to sway your voters with a reminder of the romantic past when women were still women and men were important. Welcome to the authoritarian world of Autocracy.
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Trump State of the Union Address

Trump’s State of the Union Address: I’m a Bigot and I Know It

The President’s State of the Union Address is one of the most important speeches in American politics each and every year. It is a chance to address the situations of the country and to inform Democrats, Republicans, and the public alike on what’s to come. While many had hoped President Donald Trump to seek compromises and highlight reasonable unity, he didn’t really. The word left his mouth but was soon forgotten when he took the “Dreamers” hostage for the sake of his fancy border wall.
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Pakistan Haqqani Network Terrorists

Haqqani Network: Truth About Pakistan’s Anti-Terrorism Record

On New Year’s Day, President Trump published a tweet in which he accused Pakistan of trickery for taking $33 billion from the US in the name of aid while providing shelter to Taliban terrorists that the United States is fighting against in Afghanistan. The White House declared that most security assistance that was given to Pakistan would be suspended. This suspension of hundreds of millions of dollars of aid is basically meant to pressure Pakistan into taking action against these Taliban and militant groups. As with previous statements, Pakistan is accused of harbouring terrorists from the Haqqani Network and of upholding relationships with the Afghani Taliban.
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Clinton Foundation FBI Investigation

The Clinton Foundation FBI Investigation

It is no secret that while Donald Trump ran against Hillary Clinton to become the next president of the United States, some serious allegations were made against Clinton. One particular allegation made by Donald Trump stated that Hillary Clinton was a corrupt individual involved in illegal activities through the Clinton Foundation, run by her and former President Bill Clinton during her time as the Secretary of State of the United States. Now, the vague allegations could mean a lot of things. But sources tell us that the Clinton Foundation promised policy favors to individuals based on donations made by them for the foundation itself, eventually prompting an FBI investigation.
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Trump Racist Remarks Shithole

Shithole: The World Reacts to Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a man who never shies away from controversy. He has a way of setting tongues wagging. He will speak his mind without care. Sometimes it appears like he talks and thinks later, quite atypical for a man of his stature and president of a superpower. The most recent upset was Trump’s racist remarks, describing several nations as a shithole. But like him or hate him, he may be a great revolutionary after all.
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