Blue Whale Challenge

The Blue Whale Challenge

Suicide has always been a delicate subject. While there are countries that openly discuss the topic and the factors surrounding it, numerous people still consider this territory a taboo. Some due to religious convictions, others for the fear of admitting the fact that death is sometimes a choice people make.
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Thirteen reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why a Television Show Shouldn’t Matter

As you have probably guessed, Thirteen Reasons Why has become the next source of controversy in Netflix history, followed by the Amy Schumer critical comedy failure that has been one of the specific sources for the rating system change, and the Iron Fist debacle on the grounds of whitewashing the main character (even though Danny Raid has in fact been white ever since Iron Fist’s original incantation).
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Suicide of farmers in India

The Alarming Rate of Suicide Among Farmers in India

Farmers in India are committing suicide at an alarming rate. The issue of farmers’ suicide is brought forward only in one circumstance — for trashing others. Whether it’s trashing the ruling party or the people sympathizing with a celebrity who has committed suicide after struggling with depression for a while.
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