Westminster paedophile

Westminster’s Missing Paedophile Dossier

The prestigious palace of Westminster sits elegantly on the banks of the River Thames, in all of it’s 18th century glory, overshadowing many of her architectural counterparts as the parliament which governs the land gleams in it’s majestic owe. Whilst the exterior functions of this particular palace serves the landscape well, there lingers a scandal of deviant proportions, drenched in secrecy and scandal.
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World of Witchcraft 2015

“She’s a witch! Burn her!”

These words from the enduring Monty Python movie “The Holy Grail” are unfortunately not a joke to many people around the world. Witch hunts are often see as just a thing of the past, a sad chapter in the history of the United States during the Salem Witch Trials. But sadly, all too many people, especially women, face the very real possibility of being killed for their perceived witchcraft.
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7 Facts About American Exceptionalism

The United States has often been seen (mostly by the people who live there) as the greatest country on Earth. While there are certainly many advantages to living in the US, there are ugly sides as well that people don’t like to talk about as much. We have our fair share of problems; you may think by the end that we have more than our fair share.
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Thin Shaming is Not Body Positivity

Thanks to the wide influence of social media, it’s become more and more common that people gather up the courage to stand up to bullying of all sorts. This is why the body positivity movement has blossomed so quickly and has empowered many people to love their bodies and accept themselves the way they are. We can now bring to attention how under-privileged groups are being oppressed on a daily basis and educate more people into joining the movement.
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The Eastern War on Drugs: East Asia

While the governments of many western countries and indeed the UN seem to be slowly coming to the conclusion that the war on drugs is a lost cause, East Asian nations are persisting with draconian policies including harsh jail terms for simple possession and routine use of the death penalty for trafficking illegal substances. But is it all bad news?
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Marriage abduction and ransom

Marriage by Abduction: Replacing Ransom

These days, the news of kidnapping has become very common in India. We used to hear about cases of kidnappings of children and women, but it’s quite strange to notice that the motive of the abduction of women has changed from ransom to marriage.
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Hadiqa Bashir, child marriage

Hadiqa Bashir: Teenage Freedom Warrior

How good a wife, would I have been, had I been married off at the naive age of 12? It is a traumatizing thought, for all I knew, the only responsibility I had at that age was to complete my housework, and that’s the only responsibility there should be on those little shoulders. This is the remarkable story of Hadiqa Bashir.
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