Valentine’s Day: A Story of Commercialism

Every year around late January, every story all over the world turns a bright shade of pink. No, this is not pink with embarrassment; although considering the amount of brash buying and selling going on, maybe it should be!
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Bureaucracy in Romania

On-Going Bureaucrazy in Romania

Romania is a country full of controversies. We have one of the highest numbers of medals when it comes to international Math, Physics and Chemistry contests, but at the same time, one of the highest percentages of illiteracy in the EU.
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Sexual education

Breeding a Generation of Sexual Illiteracy

How do we breed a generation of sexual illiteracy? Take a group of young teens and instead of providing necessary education about how their body works and what sex is, pretend that sex doesn’t exist at all and tell them that doing it is very wrong, dangerous and unhealthy. There you go, you have a generation that knows nothing about sex, but participates in it nevertheless.
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What is German Ostalgie?

The German Democratic Republic (GDR) was a short-lived state. Born out of the ruins of Soviet-occupied Eastern Germany in 1949, the GDR rose and fell with the Soviet Union (USSR). As World War 2 came to a close millions of Red Army soldiers poured out of the USSR, pushing back German forces and liberating Eastern Europe from Nazi occupation — leaving a trail of nascent single-party socialist states modelled on the USSR. This march west ended in Germany: as the cold war began, the resulting boundary between east and west would come to be known, in a phrase coined by Winston Churchill, as the Iron Curtain.
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Bernie Sanders’ Revolution

Bernie Sanders is a rebel. Sanders rolled into Iowa to the tune of rock music, pushing people to become as devoted as he is to the causes that need attention. As of last week, Sanders pushed to a 10 point lead over the other Democratic Party hopeful, Hillary Clinton. Many people are dismissing Sanders as a mere flash in the pan or speed bump on the way to Clinton’s victory, but his campaign is worth far more than most opponents are giving him.
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