Parkland shooting

Parkland Shooting: More Guns and Ignorance

We’ve talked about the Parkland Shooting before, but as mass shootings go, they have a severe and long-lasting impact. Nevertheless, I actually didn’t want to address it more than once, out of fear of repeating myself, out of fear of making redundant points that don’t bring any of us forward. However, seeing high school students across the nation rise to the occasion, facing corrupt politicians that refuse to take them seriously, demanding yet more weapons inside schools, is simply incomprehensible.
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Maize Flour Kenya Food

Poverty in Kenya: Is the Government Involved in a Food Scam?

One of Kenya’s big problems since attaining independence has been poverty. To alleviate poverty, production of enough food for the population was the way to go. Well, 54 years later, the Kenyan president has stated that alleviating poverty is one of his key agendas in his second term in office. For how long will poverty remain a key point in Kenya and the whole of Africa’s agenda? Probably a while longer as the prices for maize flour just hiked and it may just be the government’s fault.
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Jacob Zuma President South Africa Rape

Jacob Zuma: President of Rape and Corruption in South Africa

Jacob Zuma, the president of South Africa is a man under siege. That is if a recent court order is anything to go by. He has been like the proverbial cat with nine lives. His political career as president has had many lives. Indeed he has survived several chilling votes of confidence against him. But his lives do eventually run out. And for Zuma, after rape and corruption allegations, this could be the last one.
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Africa in 2018 Poverty

Africa in 2018: The Best Possible Future for the Continent

It’s 2018! A chance for another fresh start. The previous year has been quite eventful creating both happy and sad memories. But bygones are bygones. We now look ahead, ready to take on what the day presents. 2017 set the stage for Africa in 2018. Many unsettled scores have been carried over to the new year. The never-ceasing political and social drama is patiently waiting to once again explode in our faces after the festivities come to an end. That said, here are the expectations and wishes we have for Africa in 2018. Read more

Nawaz Sharif Panama Papers

Panama Papers: The Pakistani Connection

At last, it happened. The day arrived and became a memorable one. Yes, I am talking about the event that took place on the 20th day of this year’s April. The day which was anxiously being waited even by those who don’t know the country’s president’s name, Nawaz Sharif, let alone the politics. The Panama Papers Verdict has actually grabbed the attention of everyone out there.
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