Israel’s Inhumane Arrests of Palestinian Minors

Never has a reality been this manipulated in the eyes of the world’s vast majority to influence the corruption of historic facts, merely to ensure one community benefited at the expense of another. Various accounts and multiple authentic resources share a story that most disregard as a myth in this day and age of manipulative media coverage.
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Westminster paedophile

Westminster’s Missing Paedophile Dossier

The prestigious palace of Westminster sits elegantly on the banks of the River Thames, in all of it’s 18th century glory, overshadowing many of her architectural counterparts as the parliament which governs the land gleams in it’s majestic owe. Whilst the exterior functions of this particular palace serves the landscape well, there lingers a scandal of deviant proportions, drenched in secrecy and scandal.
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Hadiqa Bashir, child marriage

Hadiqa Bashir: Teenage Freedom Warrior

How good a wife, would I have been, had I been married off at the naive age of 12? It is a traumatizing thought, for all I knew, the only responsibility I had at that age was to complete my housework, and that’s the only responsibility there should be on those little shoulders. This is the remarkable story of Hadiqa Bashir.
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Celebrity worship syndrome

Celebrity Worship Syndrome

In 1981, the first commercial laptop was invented by Adam Osborn, which dubbed the name, Osborne 1. In 1984, the first portable personal computer, IBM 5155 was launched by IBM, and the first laptop PC with “video graphics array” was launched through the Compaq Computer in 1988.
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