Calais Jungle Children

Actor and activist Maisie Williams has an urgent message about the hundreds of refugee children stuck in the camp in Calais, France.

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Mica mining in India

Mica Mining Minors: The Child Labor in your Makeup Kit

Most women find makeup kits necessary, added color in their face makes them appear more presentable and more beautiful. No wonder the demand for these tints produce more product lines and the options we have become limitless — as well as the demand for one of the makeup’s finest ingredient, the mica earth mineral.
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Cyber sex and child abuse in the Philippines

Cyber Sex and Child Abuse in the Philippines

The Philippines has been dealing with poverty since the day I opened my eyes, and most likely will still until the day I’ll close them. People here are starting to feel hopeless because there is an obvious line between the rich and the poor. But is poverty enough reason for people to be sexually abused? To exploit them and eventually neglect their self-worth to earn as quickly as possible?
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Child Marriage in Lebanon

A must-see video for the #IDONT campaign from the human rights Non-Governmental Organization ‘KAFA (enough) Violence and Exploitation’ based in Beirut, Lebanon, exposing the reality and horror of child marriage, still happening today in 2016.
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Sexual education

Breeding a Generation of Sexual Illiteracy

How do we breed a generation of sexual illiteracy? Take a group of young teens and instead of providing necessary education about how their body works and what sex is, pretend that sex doesn’t exist at all and tell them that doing it is very wrong, dangerous and unhealthy. There you go, you have a generation that knows nothing about sex, but participates in it nevertheless.
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