COVID-19: The Next Big Disruption in the CPG Industry?

The onset of COVID-19 has brought numerous developments and challenges for the consumer-packaged goods industry at a global level. The current worldwide pandemic has led the CPG industry into a host of challenges involving an imminent recession, soaring unemployment and layoffs and an all-pervading social distancing which has resulted in mounting anxiety leading to unprecedented and never seen before consumer behaviors. 

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Clean Coal Environmental Impact Coal Mining

Clean Coal: The Environmental Impact of Coal Mining

If you were to listen to the people involved in the coal industry, and to some extent President Donald Trump, they would tell you that coal is the fuel of life. It is cheap in production costs, efficient in energy creation, and still plentiful compared other fossil fuels like oil. Unfortunately, coal is also the dirtiest and most harmful fuel for power generation known to mankind. No matter how much the industry likes to throw the term clean coal around, king coal remains to be the dirty ruler of the energy industry.
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modern art

Mysterious Art: The “I Could Have Done That” Cliché

You’ve surely been in a museum at least once in your lifetime. And even if not, you probably have seen your fair share of art on the internet. And while there are the iconic pieces of artists like Salvador Dali or Vincent Van Gogh, there is other work that does not seem very distinguishable and thus has caused one famous outcry: I could Have done that too!
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Mica mining in India

Mica Mining Minors: The Child Labor in your Makeup Kit

Most women find makeup kits necessary, added color in their face makes them appear more presentable and more beautiful. No wonder the demand for these tints produce more product lines and the options we have become limitless — as well as the demand for one of the makeup’s finest ingredient, the mica earth mineral.
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Quantum computers

A Primer on Quantum Computers

Quantum computers uses atoms and molecules to perform memory and processing jobs. These atoms are assembled into Qubits that are monitored to complete the processes. These machines have the potential to perform drastically faster than current silicon based computers.
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