World Suicide Prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention Day 2017

According to the World Health Organization, 800,000 people die by suicide each year. That’s one person every 40 seconds. World Suicide Prevention Day is Sunday, September 10. Our message this year is simple: Stay. Find what you were made for.
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Breast cancer awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness or Alienation?

The endless number of supporters and incredibly large funds make the Breast Cancer Awareness movement remarkable, like no other health-related cause out there. Every year in October, we witness a variety of events – monument lighting, marathons, dances and fashion shows, all to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month.
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Defending the Human Rights of People with Albinism

In many parts of Africa, people with albinism face discrimination and violence just because they look different. In this video, some of the advocates fighting to ensure people with albinism are included and protected in their communities speak out.
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International Romani Day 2016

April 8th is the International Romani Day, a day to celebrate Romani culture and raise awareness of the issues that Romani people face. Alina Serba shares her thought about being an “Invisible Roma”.
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Self-Harm Awareness Day: Can You Hear Me Now?

I used to work in a coffee shop with a dainty young woman who sported a tuft of brightly colored hair. With a toothy smile she brightened even the most decaffeinated of days.
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