The Murder of Activist Berta Caceres

According to the worldview of the Lenca indigenous people, they come from water, the earth and the corn, and are considered custodians of forests and rivers. “Giving life to defend rivers, it’s giving life for the sake of humanity and this planet” so stated Berta Cáceres´s in her acceptance speech when receiving the Goldman Environmental Prize, and so she did.
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Unite Under the Banner of Diversity

A short message from the UNAIDS encouraging people to celebrate each other’s differences, and stand out for Zero Discrimination. Unite under the banner of diversity is the message of the video. But see for yourself.
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Menstruation in India

#HappyToBleed: Menstruation Taboo in India

Menstruation; that regular 4-7 days occurrence in every woman’s life that makes her a woman, from a girl; is often accompanied by a peculiar disgrace associated with it. Even the people with so claimed modern and developed mindsets refuse to talk about it, or embrace it openly.
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White Ribbon 2015

In honor of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, the Campsie Police and the City of Canterbury Council in Australia invited their community to the White Ribbon Day march, and to share the message ‘there is no excuse for abuse’.
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#BlackOnCampus: An Everyday Struggle

Every day around the world but especially in the United States, riots happen over seemingly the same issue: black oppression and institutionalized racism. Sadly most peoples reaction to the news is often something along the lines of “well, they just need to get over themselves. They just need to suck it up and learn to deal with it.”
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