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The Managing Editor’s Predictions for 2017

Predictions for 2017. The first half of 2017 will look a lot like 2016. Generation Z is slowly rising as the millennials simmer down. Neo-Conservatism in the United States is dead and buried.

It seems that we are slowly getting closer to the 1980s, and we have been through the 1970s already. Generations are turning to the right and Generation Z is more conservative compared to the millennial generation. Millennials were raised up at internet level, were told about the virtues of multiculturalism, and for a while, people believed it, because there wasn’t actually multiculturalism in the first place.

They were told that everyone was exactly like you, all cultures are exactly the same, they were told that and they believed it because they had nothing to compare it too, but then these millennials went out into the real world and realised that this was not the case, and some were realising that this was not true; it’s actually a complete and utter lie that takes advantage of the ignorance of the millennial generation that has never left their own country. In most cases, they didn’t have the money too, because very few people within the millennial generation have the money to travel far anyway!

Conservative Youth

People under twenty years old are more conservative than the previous generation. Who would have imagined? It was easy to think that the political spectrum was just going to get more and more far-left forever, but it is not going that way, and this could potentially help stop globalism. This is not to say that that conservatism in the neocon sense has ever helped stand in its way, it is globalism, but it is becoming further right than the McCains and Romneys, who were never truly on the right anyway as they never supported limited taxation or limited government intrusion into fiscal matters. They were just a bunch of moralists who used morals as a wedge issue and wanted to raise taxes even more than the Democrats did.

There hasn’t been any real conservatism in the United States since the days of Ronald Reagan as he was the last time the United States had a president that even loosely fit the definition of a fiscal conservative in power. When people on the so-called left state that George Bush raised the deficit, and Bush’s daddy raised the deficit, it’s because they were big spenders and not conservatives in the true sense, and most certainly not fiscal conservatives. You can’t be a fiscal conservative and say that you are going to spend more and more whilst pissing away taxpayers money on debt spending to give you a stimulus; this is not fiscal conservatism after any possible manner.

Major nations are drowning in their own debt

As stated earlier, 2017 will start off looking like 2016. The social justice warriors will be loud and in your face, but it is likely that things will very quickly calm down. Don’t expect 2017 to be as vicious as 2016, however, there is a chance, which will remain for the next half-decade or so at any given time of utter and complete chaos in the world. There are a number of nuclear states that could collapse at any time and there are a number of non-nuclear states that could collapse bringing larger powers down with them. There is also a very real possibility of a global depression; just look at the amount of debt in the world.

It is not just the United States, as China also has a huge debt-to-G.D.P ratio too, with little or no plans to pay off this debt. Besides, how is even possible to pay off 19 trillion dollars of debt? Perhaps it would take a really terrible austerity program for the next century and a half or so it might be possible to pay it off. Good luck getting one regime to stay in power long enough to enforce it because it’s never going to happen! Perhaps another crop of politicians will come along and just start spending into the ground within eight years anyway as austerity takes an ugly toll on people’s wallets. There’s no way out of it, other than perhaps a world debt reset or even another world war.

China is no longer rising and the European Union may collapse quicker than expected

Take China for example. Economically the nation is a boulder perched on a marble, with the slightest gust of wind it falls over and topples down a cliff; it is nothing more than a paper palace. It is already in recession, it has pissed away most of its budget surplus building fake islands, its infrastructure is beginning to crumble because China is no longer growing at the rate it was a few years ago, yet it can be argued that Europe could be the least stable part of the world in 2017.

If you look at Europe in its current context there are one or two elections away from the European Union collapsing. The heads of the European Union and the globalists working there are making so much money off of their price fixing, their interventionism and their warmongering, that it would be impossible to think that they would actually let things go. Even if the E.U was hypothetically dead and it was time to move on to greener pastures, the chances are that the remaining members of the union will stand and fight, and they will make things for people in the former E.U states as miserable as possible.

In fact, it would not be surprising if it got Europe fighting itself again just to make more money off more warmongering, or perhaps they will try and sell you a half-assed watered down medicine that will take the form of ‘E.U-lite’ that will not work either.

What about an ‘Eastern European Union’?

Eastern Europe is now the model for Western Europe, not the other way round. Former communist states that are still behind in human development and infrastructure are going to do better than Western Europe at this point. The amount of social alienation is the same, but they just disagree on what is causing it. In Western European countries, anti-E.U sentiment is being driven by small towners whose jobs are disappearing, especially for the younger and middle aged people, whilst older people who are on pensions are seeing public money being squandered and marginally wealthy urban classes who are seeing steadily encroaching ghettos approach their own little ‘lily-white’ communities in a ‘nimby-not-in-my-backyard’ approach.

The reasons stated could be why Western Europe is abandoning E.U sentiment. It is why France may vote in ‘nationalism-lite’ and it is why Germany could do that within a decade or so, and it is why Denmark and the United Kingdom are steadily moving away from it all.

In Eastern Europe however, many people there know what it is like to be subsumed by foreign culture. They had to suffer during the Cold War under the influence of Russia, so they know what it is like and they will not stand for that at all and it is plausible that they will burn the E.U into the ground before that submit to that form of oppression. The Polish, the Hungarians, the Slovaks amongst others could in fact ‘save’ Europe if they were to band together, leave the European Union, form their own economic and cultural bloc and show the globalists how national pride operates.

They would not bow before the Russians, and they would not bow before Brussels and they would respect these countries more in the long run when the E.U ends up collapsing anyway. I often hear people say “but if the E.U collapses… Russia will move in!”, but of course many forget that NATO existed before the European Union did.

Divided America, Status-quo South America, Militarisation of Asia

In the United States, it would be fair to state that the country is not stable. Even if you might think Donald Trump is going to do a good job, it does not fix the problem that a third of the population thinks he is the next Adolf Hitler. What about Mexico? Still overrun with cartels, getting worse by the day. Argentina essentially collapsed a few years ago economically but they are starting to recover. Brazil has basically flatlined right now, and Venezuela could fall any day.

Now we look over to Asia, it is not all about China and Russia. Vietnam is moving west which is causing stress in their relations with the Chinese, Japan is rearming, Taiwan is fussing around just like the Chinese are over who owns what and the Philippines are now under the rule of a strong man; almost a dictator-lite. You can respect Duterte for wanting to clean up his country’s problems, but he is still a charismatic tinhorn strong man. It could be argued that some his general ideas are tolerable, but most certainly not the tactics; perhaps we should call him what he is. You can be a tinhorn, be talented and do a good job, but you are still a tin-horn and this is going to strain relationships between the Philippines and many parts of the world.

If you thought 2016 was a wild ride, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

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