The Hazards and Impacts of Industrial Pollution

In the early 90’s, with the start of the industrial revolution, people started to think differently. Science became more advanced and technology developed swiftly. At that time, industries were at a small level and consisted of the factories that produced carbon emissions as the main pollutant. While industrial pollution wasn’t a big topic back then, we can now accurately assess how harmful it all turned out to be.

The smoke wasn’t the main problem because the factories were limited and small scaled. When these factories became full scale industries, the issue of industrial pollution started to become apparent and grew to an international issue within a few years. Industrial pollution is pollution that can be directly linked to corporations, in contrast to other pollution sources. It is one of the largest contributors to the global pollution problem. According to a survey, 50% of the overall pollution was caused by industrial waste.

Here are a few causes of industrial pollution that have contributed to the destruction of the environment.

Lack of Policies

A lack of policies for working conditions and the waste management of industries is the main reason of the destruction of the environment. Industries violate the law and pour their industrial waste in the rivers, which is also one of the main reasons of water pollution.

Small Scale Industries

A large number of small scale and unregistered factories are illegally getting rid of their waste into rivers, polluting the land and causing air pollution on a large scale.

Outdated Technology

Some industries still use outdated technology and old-fashioned machinery for the production of their products, which also cause large amounts of waste.

Law Violation

About every industry, whether it is small scale or large scale, is violating the law. Very few industries have proper draining systems to drain their industrial waste properly without harming nature and polluting the environment. There are countless effects on human health, nature, and environment caused by industrial pollution.

Water Pollution

Most industries require large amounts of water for their work. When water is involved in a series of processes, it comes into contact with heavy materials, metals, harmful chemicals and radioactive waste. Then these water sources are dumped into the rivers or oceans. As a result, many of our water resources have a high amount of industrial waste in them, which seriously impacts the health of our ecosystem.

Climate Change

With the increase of industrial pollution, climate change has increased dramatically over the past few years.

Health Problems

A study published in 2007 by Cornell University purports industrial pollution causes 40% of the world’s deaths because pollution increases the spread of human diseases. Industrial pollution is spreading diseases directly through air and water and indirectly through animals eaten by humans.

Everyone is Involved in Decreasing Industrial Pollution

Industrial Pollution is not just a matter of one country or one nation, it’s a matter of the survival of humanity, the matter of each and every country, each and every person living on this planet. Most countries are individually taking steps to reduce industrial pollution, but we all have to be united on this issue and think of something really good, and really fast, to ensure a cleaner and safer future for this planet.

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