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The Global Classroom: Learning Through Technology

Technology has already surpassed the stage when it was only used for economic reasons or for plain communication. Today, it has grown as a tool to revolutionize the world in learning and education. Technology created a global classroom.

Right now, it has been a growing effort that different educational institutions collaborate regardless of race or geography. This concept is widely known as the global classroom wherein students from different parts of the world take advantage of technological feats to collaborate and become world-ready individuals.

The Global Classroom

The main goal of this ideology was to build a teacher and student support center that works together to produce projects and studies focusing on varying cultures, practices, and history. Learning is facilitated through a website wherein seniors from participating institutions discuss ideas to be presented at an international conference. During this period, representatives are under the custody of host families and are toured within the country in which arrangements are made by the host schools.

Projects of the Global Classroom

For the past years, these conferences had been held in different countries with participants being current high school students. They try to address different learning problems encountered by participating schools and to come up with a solution by creating a scheme that considers different cultural, economic, academic, social, and personal aspects.

The Global Student

One of the benefits of allowing a child to engage in this type of learning is the diversity of knowledge that he or she will be exposed to. Through a global discussion facilitated via video conferences, a student is able to understand the lives and ideologies of people of the same age living in a different society.

This, as experts believe, would help abolish stereotypes and help encourage growth in a globally equal view. Also, educators believe that this teaching method will prepare students with regard to the different standards followed worldwide and will also strengthen their confidence in building international ties. However, learning via technology does not only account for a higher scale. Basically, for instance, two classes from different countries can set up a video conference on the same topic and start learning together. This is already being practiced in some schools in the US and Spain and the result is a more interactive discussion.

The Global Teacher

Just like in any school setup, a global classroom is facilitated by teachers with expertise in the matter. However, through this system, the expertise learned by the child is not only coming from their country of origin, but also from that of the world. Teachers who are actively into the global learning scheme are trained with technology made available for this concept and are licensed with related certifications.

Global Classroom Tools

It has been noted that, in order for a global classroom to succeed, technology must be taken advantage of. If you search online, you would be surprised at a large number of tools you can use to make this a success.

There are websites that allow for the networking of different schools from over 100 countries for free. Think of it as an educational version of social media. There is also software that can be installed for video conferencing. In addition, there are organizations that can also help regularize the setup should an institution decide to engage actively in education on a worldwide spectrum.

Considering that countries find strength in each other’s presence, adopting a global classroom setup can help condition the minds of the current generation. This will give them a chance to know more by being exposed to global expertise. Moreover, this will help them accept diversity to employ varying perspectives when it comes to growth and development. It is also highly ideal and possible now that all we need for a global connection is the touch of a power button.

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