The Contractor’s Contract is Still On

It was June 27th 2017, the Eid Day in Pakistan, when ex-US security contractor Raymond Davis launched his book under the title, “The Contractor” written with the help of a professional writer Storms Reback.

Some Background

Before this project, Reback had three books at his credit; out of those three, two were about tricks and bluffs used in poker.

Those who have gone through this book might have a few queries about Pakistan’s hierarchy and their loyalty towards their homeland. But, the only question in the mind of Pakistanis that was aroused was; why was the book launched at this time?

To understand that, one needs to learn a little about the current political scenario of the country. There is political unrest in the Pakistan. The pro-US and pro-India Nawaz government is going through its delicate era. Third-time-elected Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who had a simple majority in the 2013 elections, is now on the verge of being disqualified for money-laundering charges.

Just two days before Eid, ParaChinar blasts that killed over hundred Shiite community people compelled Army Chief Gen Qamar Bajwa to intervene personally in order to calm down the angry protesters. On the other hand, Indian spy, Commander Kulbhushan Jhadev, who was awarded the death sentence by the Pakistan courts, has been given a stay by the International Court of Justice (ICJ). But, not even once did Nawaz Sharif mention his name in his dozens of speeches, nor did he condemned proven Indian involvement in Balochistan and Karachi unrest.

A vast majority in Pakistan therefore understand that the release of this book was just an attempt to malign Pakistan’s Justice System (which is trialing Nawaz for potential corruption charges) and the Pakistani Army (which has gained popularity among masses for its anti-India narrative), and to divert people from the Panamagate case to Raymond Davis issue.

Raymond Davis, a Failed Agent?

Before making a further stride, it is pertinent to understand the prime responsibility of a secret agent is to keep its cover intact. But Raymond Davis failed.

In his case, he not only blew his cover, but also provided enough material to Pakistani media to talk about the CIA activities around the globe.

He was identified and marked as CIA agent in different countries and was barred from entering the respective countries even as a tourist. His act also exposed the activities of Blackwater in Pakistan.

Most of the third world countries took remedial measures and resorted to strict scrutiny of US citizens in their countries.

CIA had to roll back its different programs in Pakistan and Afghanistan. This all happened because a trained US secret agent reacted foolishly to a critical situation.

The very first lesson of any secret agent is to keep calm in any situation and wait for appropriate time to react. Whereas in Raymond Davis case, it seemed he forgot all his training. He reacted abnormally and he reacted to the extent, that too at a public place, just to put himself and the country into trouble.

Davis’ Dubious Recruitment

There is a big question mark on his selection as a secret agent. Davis had served in military for 10 years and retired in year 2003 for some medical reasons.

On this ground, he was unfit to be recruited as a private security contractor, or for any job in the field. Either his selection was wrong or he was purposely declared medically unfit so that he can be discharged from service and be employed as private contractor.

The US Miscommitment

In his book, Raymond Davis mentioned different leaders and military officials who helped him for his release and transportation to USA.

Back then, it was a perception in Pakistan that the US court would trial him and he would get at least a few years in jail. Edward Snowden was an example.

It was because, he was released on a promise that he would be trialed in USA, but he was never even questioned once.

Contrary to the commitment and expectations, Raymond Davis, who busted the CIA operation both in Pakistan and Afghanistan, is not only still free but also launching his book as an honorable citizen.

The irony is that the book is against the countrymen who let him GO. Wow!

Why is the Book Available for Free?

It was a pleasant surprise for me that the book is available free of cost on the internet in PDF format. Today, in the era of commercialism where one strives hard to earn a living, why would a former secret agent whose career is finished as private contractor would present his book free of cost?

His book could have been a success and a good source of income as a large number of journalists, columnists and analysts could have bought it at any cost, but he missed the opportunity and launched his book free of cost on the internet, in different formats so that readers could have easy access to it. Isn’t it very generous of him?

Well, with the murderer of two innocents on a foreign land and unknown number of murders during his job, Davis cannot be expected as generous and altruistic as it seems.

Why General Shujaa Pasha on Hit List?

Now let’s have a glance over the content of the book pertaining to Pakistani politicians and military officials.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi (then foreign minister) is praised for his dignified actions. He refused to go for helping in undue favor to Raymond Davis and resigned from his post.

The help he got from Asif Zardari the (former president of Pakistan), Nawaz Sharif (opposition leader) and Shahbaz Sharif (CM Punjab) is also mentioned, but, for national and international media, the only apple of contention is the role of General (R) Ahmed Shujaa Pasha (former ISI chief).

He was considered as one of the most powerful man at his times and there is no doubt that he proved as such. His decisions and actions failed all the schemes by the CIA and RAW against Pakistan Army.

The role of RAW needs no space to be discussed here as their activities in Pakistan and Afghanistan are now a naked truth. Efforts by both these agencies to destabilize Pakistan are no more secret.

Once it came to ISI, it was Gen. Pasha who ruined their entire plan (which started in full boom, back on April 5th 2010 with the attack on the US Consulate in Peshawar but in that attack, only innocent Pakistanis died and the staff was safe).

Pasha not only ruined their plan but also exposed them to the world.

The Fallout

The US withdrew their embassy staff, rolled back Blackwater activities, and their NGOs (which were put on watch list for suspicious activities) winded up from Pakistan. USA’s intrusion in different countries especially in third world countries came to surface. Even the assassination of Saddam Hussein and Qaddafi were put to question.

These were the few dents ISI made on the US’ reputation now, retaliation was due.

The aim was to launch this book at this particular time to hurt Pakistan’s Army followed by helping the government to become a ‘political martyr’ so that they can get sympathy votes in the next elections, so those external and internal loans can lead Pakistan to bankruptcy and external forces can get easy access to its nuclear assets.

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