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The Clinton Foundation Money: Where Did It Go?

When one dissects Hillary Clinton’s campaign, there are quite a few things one could point to that went wrong.

Some were outside her control, such as the FBI’s reopening of Clinton’s email case. Some were a bit more shady, such as the fact that the Clinton Foundation’s actions have been under investigation for mishandling money. One great example is that of Haiti, where over 4 billion dollars of US aid money was sent. This money was supposed to be used for disaster relief, but much of the money went to luxury hotels and industrial parks. Why was the money spent this way?

Many native Haitians, especially contractors involved in the reconstruction of Haiti, noticed that not a whole lot of money was coming in. Where on earth was the money from places like the Clinton foundation going?

One thing became apparent: there was a link between all the companies that got the money. Oh yes, because the money DID indeed go somewhere. All of the companies that received money from the Clinton foundation were people that had made donations to the Clinton Foundation in the past. If that doesn’t sound like a conflict of interest, well…

One of Clinton’s sticking points (as Trump never failed to remind us, over and over and over again!) was her speeches to Wall Street. You know, the private ones that only got released through Wikileaks. Many of these speeches were a sort of “pay for play” deal; Clinton went and spoke to the people with the deepest pockets. And few people can fault her for that! They gave her money, and she delivered. Her campaign money had to come from somewhere.

But there is a big difference between raising campaign money and helping a nation that has been devastated. Because you know who needs help after a disaster? It’s not the people who can afford resorts and hotels, you can bet your bottom dollar on that. The people that need the money are those who now have no homes, no jobs, and no food. The people to which the Clinton Foundation money was supposed to go.

To be clear: Secretary Clinton had little to do with money allocation in the past few months. That was Bill Clinton’s job. But one wonders how the election would have turned out had these allegations not ever surfaced. Would we have a first Madame President?

Because no matter who you supported in the election, you cannot deny that there were many people who were suspicious of Clinton, even when they voted for her. First of all, most Democrats actually wanted Bernie Sanders. Oh man… If he was President-Elect now… But anyway. The Clinton Foundation (as well as Trump’s charity!) have both been embroiled in controversy. What a pity this election has not been about having the best person win.

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