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The Catholic Church and Transgender Relations

For quite a while now, Pope Francis has been considered to be the hero of the moralist left within the United States and the Western world at large due to his views regarding modernisation and the acceptance of different orientations, religions and sub-cultures, ignoring the heresy that had existed for well over a thousand years that critiqued anything outside of the Catholic doctrine. So what about transgender people?

The Social Justice Warrior Pope?

For example, he had reluctantly come out in support of contraception with respect to AIDS sufferers, as the only alternative would be akin to murdering someone, effectively endorsing the notion of ‘no glove, no love’ should one’s life be at risk from venereal disease.

Moreover, on the issue of LGBTQ rights, Pope Francis took the ‘who am I to judge’ line, whilst still recognising sodomy and related activities as a sin, not dissimilar to the half-arsed lines that some of the more liberal Protestant churches trod out in order to curry favour with millennials and Generation X, yet this views on transgenderism are questionable at best.

The supposed ‘Social Justice Warrior Pope’ has professed transgenderism as an abomination, being evil in the eyes of the Lord, sinning as a result of their actions. So naturally it appears that the same groups that had applauded the Pope and thought he was beyond all reproach are now all of a sudden finding out that his papacy is further on the far-right compared to notoriously divisive figures such as Donald Trump on transgender issues. How funny is that?

You see, the problem with the Catholic Church is this; the Catholic Church is not just a religious body, it is also a business entity. As a socio-political business entity that has been partially usurped by syndicates, today’s Catholic Church in the most literal sense owns property, rents property, store fronts, a publishing company that produces the Satanic Bible and even a gay bath house in Italy. These facts are indeed not common knowledge and are the objective truth.

Transgender Politics

The Catholic Church does not seem to care what kind of message it panders and this is the same with our politicians especially in regards to the two-party dichotomy (or the one-party system masquerading as the two-party system) as politicians say what they need to say to get votes. Take Democrat Barack Obama for example proclaiming his anti-war pacifist intentions, saying that he should not throw people in prison for drug-related offences, not targeting whistle-blowers or wanting to close Guantanamo Bay because it is unconstitutional, yet violating these claims presents the perfect example of not really caring about what one really believes in.

One could also cite Republican George W. Bush proclaiming ‘sensible, sane Conservative policies’ yet he leaves the economy in a disastrous predicament, as well as the whole Iraq debacle, the carpet-bagging FEMA response in regards to Hurricane Katrina, again not holding true to his word exemplifying the two-party dichotomy, and also the tactics of the Catholic Church.

Pope Francis has now come out and excoriated transgendered people because the Catholic Church may not continue to survive if is does what it traditionally did; refer to their original doctrine. This doctrine agrees that Islam is a heretical cult that shouldn’t exist, that non-believers are going to hell, that homosexuality is a sin and that contraception is immoral; and these believes are still true according to Catholic dogma, yet Pope Francis will not say or mention any of these positions in public.

Why you may ask? Because his demeanour is remarkably similar to a politician, his opinion polls will tank, and he is the head of an actual state as the Vatican City is a sovereign entity, and as previously mentioned, a business entity and naturally, any business entity under the guise of a religious body would want more congregants to donate more tithes so it may produce more money.

Preaching to the Choir

So what does the modern, 21st century Catholic Church do? They preach to their adherents, advising them to ignore what they have really been saying for the past thousands of generations or so about homosexuals and sodomy, ignoring the fact that they have withheld contraception from the poorest parts of the planet, causing the prolongment of the AIDS epidemic in Africa (harking back to the ‘No Glove, No Love’ message), yet continue to wittering on about how transgendered people are evil, heretical, pagan, barbaric sinners, but why preach this skewed, distorted and contradictory message?

Swathes of people do not understand or accept transgender rights; not just in tin-horn third world Christendom countries, but also in many developed nations such as the United States. In reference to the Western world however, it can be the said that the majority of people are now comfortable with the concept of LGBTQ rights as long as government does not become involved; akin to a ‘Libertarian-lite’ argument or a cop-out for the moralists, yet in Catholic Africa or Latin America, progress has been too slow.

LGBTQ individuals are to this day still excoriated in many of the poorest Catholic nations, with many instances of priests, bishops and preachers ranting about sodomy and how sodomites should be killed whilst whipping people up into a frenzy, yet such sentiment exists in advanced countries; just not out in the open as they may lose congregants or face public and moral backlash.

Transgender Tragedy

Remember the ‘EAT DA POO-POO’ viral video a few years back? As comical (or tragic) as this sounds, this is the kind of nonsense LGBTQ communities have to endure on a daily basis, assisted by the Catholic Church (and Episcopal Church) in catering towards public sentiment wherever they may be, just like politicians do every election season. The Catholic Church is absolutely fine with homophobes over in Africa or the Global South, yet in the United States, UK, Canada or over first world nations, Catholicism exists under entirely different pretences.

Pope Francis and his papacy represent the very definition of hypocrisy in the modern age. When one statement is said in public, another one is said in private. When money is donated through charity, another sum is spent in self-indulgence. When public sentiment demands the protection of LGBTQ rights the church caves in, thousands of miles away it spews the toxic nonsense that damages human dignity.

What a sorry state of affairs.

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