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The Afghan Refugees of Pakistan

Afghanistan’s invasion by the Soviet Union in 1979 made the beautiful land of Pashtuns turn into a war zone as the country became unbearable for its own nationals. Further instability took place in 2001 when the US took its chance by invading an already ravaged Afghanistan in turmoil. This has caused an explosion of Afghan Refugees in Pakistan.

Since then, Pakistan has been the hub Afghan refugees. Due to high Afghan demographics entering the Pakistan border, it has one of the largest population of refugees. The estimated demographic of the Afghan refugees is about 2 million, which includes both registered and unregistered refugees. The refugee camps is yet another tragedy unfolding for the Afghans, the lack of aid, food and clean water is something unattainable for them in the land of their brothers. Moreover, the aid for the Afghan refugees is somewhat not the focus of Pakistan as it’s overpopulation is woven into self-proclaimed poverty.

Afghan Refugees Have a Bad Reputation in Pakistan

Living in a strange land for these Afghans has never been without threats, and the threat wasn’t just the presage of Afghans but Pashtuns of Pakistan as well. Afghans have been accused of the ongoing terrorist attacks happening all over the country. Due to the porous Pak-Afghan border, the harboring and sheltering of terrorists and entry into the country from Afghanistan to Pakistan is the reason of mass massacres happening in Pakistan. The terrorist attacks grew with time, and the hospitable host that Pakistan once was is now forced to send these Afghan refugees back home.

The perspective of the Pakistan nationals over the Afghan refugees is that they only brought terrorism and combat into Pakistan. All of this took a sudden urge after the 2014 APS attack when innocent school children were targeted by the terrorists. A popular acknowledgment followed that the network of facilitators within the country is provided by an external enemy, and the terrorism emanating from Afghan soil is even rumored to be managed by Indian intelligence agencies to threaten Pak-China friendship.

Afghan Refugees get Harassed

The inhumane attack on the youth of the country was a threat towards our future, and the strength the nation’s children gain from education. In return, this caused the increase in harassment of the Afghan refugees in the camps, while strict government pressure was building and a policy was enacted to send all of the refugees back home. The pressure over the government of Pakistan is to send each and every refugee back to its country as both counties are no more in good terms to share the scarce resources with afghans; “they are overtaking jobs while bringing a bad name to the country” is what you will hear from every patriot of the nation. More than 200,000 Afghan refugees have already left the country and the government is keen to send each and every Afghan immigrant across the border.

Afghanistan and Pakistan Blame each Other

The recent statements bombarded by Afghan president Ashraf Ghani are such that he basically said that Pakistan has historically supported Taliban, so the terrorist attacks in Afghanistan are expected from across the border. In another recently highlighted statement he said “In my telephone call with Pakistan’s prime minister, I told Pakistan to see terrorism in Afghanistan the same way it sees terrorism in Pakistan,” referring to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. The series of recent suicide bombing happening in the capital of Afghanistan comes under direct blame to Pakistan. The situation now is that if Pakistan begins to erect a barrier on the Torkham border, the Afghans will react violently.

In order to bring peace and tranquility to both nations, talks have been held now and then, but the control over the terrorism situation is nowhere near to be stabilizing, particularly for Afghans.

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