Affordable Care Act

Trumpcare: Goodbye Affordable Care Act

The US presidential election and the candidate’s campaigns have dominated most of 2016 and seemed to painfully stretch out longer than they actually were, filled with scandals and surprises alike. One of which is the planned revocation of the Affordable Care Act to replace it with Trumpcare. What could sound scarier?
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Commander-in-Chief Forum 2016

In what was essentially a pre-presidential debate on Wednesday night, Democrat and Republican nominees Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump faced back-to-back questions on issues of national security and defence from an audience of ex-serviceman and woman, and as well as active recruits within the military.
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John Kasich: The Underdog

Insulted and dismissed by the media and the majority of the Republican Party, current Ohio governor and presidential candidate John Kasich stands no chance at winning the nomination. His delegate count of 144 pales in comparison to Trump’s 752 and Cruz’s 463.
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