Postgraduate Degree

The Perks of Having a Postgraduate Degree

As our world chases the change of times in today’s globalization-centric Information Age, knowledge becomes an investment that can catapult yourself towards the realization of your career goals. Because of this, companies of various industries also seek higher levels of education for their employees.
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College grads and job

7 Things You Should Not Ask New College Grads

Growing up is such an unnoticeable thing that just happens. We think that when we “grow up,” we would be transcended into a different universe and would be conscious of it like a “whoa came from there, and now I’m here” kind of transition. But here is the thing: nobody, as in literally nobody, is ever aware of being an adult. It is just like you wake up one day and you’re there.
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Nicky Minaj: A Budding Philanthropist

Whenever someone says Nicki Minaj, the first thing that comes into your mind is not her philanthropy quests but various controversies, diss tracks and divisive tracks such as “Only”, “Anaconda” and more.
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Residential schools

Modern Colonization: Canada’s Hidden History of Residential Schools

Ask a non-Canadian what they think of the ‘Great White North’, and they will probably cite the country’s glorious system of liberal democracy, stable and fair governance, and the cutesy antics of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, yet beneath the world’s envy of Canada lurks a tragic past which has scarred and blighted the First Nations communities, namely the “residential schools”.
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The Irish Teachers Strike

The future of every society is determined by the teachers of that said society. A teacher is the one who enlightens the nation’s minds. They can turn a retrograding society into a super power. They are like a burning candle of knowledge, imparting each part of knowledge to develop its nation.
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Schooling, Not Working

Although many would think that the economy is the most important factor in the development of any country, I think education has a greater impact. Education provides the country with scientists, researchers, and experts. Those are really the main element of the prosperity of any nation.
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The Corporatization of College

Education is a key part of the American dream, theoretically available to those who work hard enough. Self-motivation and having an industrious attitude toward study is promoted as the ticket to a better life, with the “git ‘r done” mindset as present in education as outside of it.
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