Theresa May

Theresa May’s Cabinet: How Normal is It?

We’ve heard it all before… Politicians are out of touch, they don’t understand the working man and they live in a ‘Westminster bubble’; but what defines normality in British politics? Does attending a state school and having retail experience equate to a typical upbringing, or is an Oxbridge education mandatory to govern the nation?
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Education in the UK

The British Education System Lets Down the Most Vulnerable

121 million children worldwide do not receive any education whatsoever. This is a startling statistic from the Global Partnership for Education, an international organization focused on getting children in the world’s poorest countries into full-time education.
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Staff Training

Bizarre: The 7 Worst Staff Training Videos… like… ever…

We’ve all been there. You start a new, low-paid, crappy job to make ends meet whilst at college, or perhaps you happen to be born a millennial and thus, through no fault of your own, enter the all-familiar slave wage job market. Following a job offer, you are herded into a mundane looking training room, alongside a middle-aged colleague with a mullet and a pimply braced teen, then you begin to be told about your job role through dated training, chewed-up VHS tapes. The acting is just as bad as the career prospects, and you soon realise that the only benefit through watching these training videos is the fact that you are getting paid.
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coursera course

5 Interesting Courses Offered by Coursera

If you don’t already know then Coursera is one of the many MOOCs available online. A MOOC is an acronym for Massive Open Online Course and, as the name implies, is open to all. Coursera, though only one among many portals available, is a good place to learn online as it has courses from nearly all universities and has a huge community. Read more

youtube smart

YouTube: 5 Channels That Will Make You Smarter

Youtube is a hub of channels of every kind and niche. You will find videos, reviews, vlogs, tutorials along with pure silliness. Among these, there are 100’s of channels offering you simplified versions of complicated and complex phenomena. Here we are enlisting 5 of such youtube channels that will make you smarter. Not only are these channels fun to watch, but they manage to be inspiring and educational without even trying.
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