American Democracy Trump System

American Democracy: Trump, Incarnation of a Flawed System

When Donald Trump won the presidential election, it shook the whole world to its very core. The list included liberals, minorities, and basically everyone who is alive today. We may even go so far as to say that it made the last 45 presidents of America roll in their very graves. Many people lost faith in the idea of American democracy and all that it stands for the minute a self-contradicting bigot such as Donald Trump became a leader of the free world.
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Nairobi,. Kenya

Political Impasse: Democracy On Trial in Kenya

Kenya is considered to be one of the most mature democracies in Africa. However, like many other African countries, the political scene is never short of drama. Politically instigated violence has been witnessed all around. As a result, thousands of people have lost their lives and property worth millions of dollars was destroyed. Most of the violence is ethnically based.
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An Argument Against First Past The Post (FPTP)

Naturally, any argument for the validity of a new political system, in any age or any circumstance must lay its foundations in the invalidity of the incumbent system. The old adage ‘don’t fix it if it isn’t broken’ springs to mind, and it is glaringly obvious that the system is broken; this last General Election has proved that beyond any doubt. This is an Argument against FPTP.
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Democratic Republic of Congo

The Future of the Democratic Republic of Congo

The president of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Joseph Kabila, is one of the leaders in Africa who has shown intentions of clinging to power, through unconstitutional means. The ruling party and other supporting coalitions in the Democratic Republic of Congo, have delayed the national elections that were to be held in 2016. This clearly indicates Kabila’s quest for more power beyond his final term.
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Ted Cruz takes Iowa; Clinton, Sanders at a Stalemate

At odds with most pollsters, Ted Cruz has won the most votes in the state of Iowa, delegating Donald Trump to second place with GOP-establishment backed candidate Marco Rubio close behind. Hilary Clinton, although presumptuous in her outlook, had virtually tied with her main opponent Bernie Sanders in a closely fought content that has yet again defied the opinion polls.
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Jittery About Hillary

Although Hillary Clinton is one of the strongest runners for the Democratic Party, most Liberals seem apathetic at best to her campaign so far. Few people from the party openly dislike her, but the overall response on the part of the Democratic party to Clinton’s campaign has been lackluster, at very best.
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