Legal Suicide: The Case of Modern Day Euthanasia

Euthanasia. If given a chance, people will always choose to live. This is why we have come up with different ways to keep our bodies in shape: various diets, exercise, and supplements. We build and develop technologies to sustain life. But what if suddenly, someone begs to pass out of this world in a way he or she deems dignified? Would the rest of society allow it?
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Dangerous Selfie

The Killer Selfie: How an Internet Fad Went Too Far

The perfect selfie is elusive for most of us. We spend hours looking for just the right lighting, poses (to duckface or not to duckface?), and filters that will allow us to capture the best versions of ourselves. There’s even a whole niche market of selfie accessories, including the infamous selfie stick, that promises to help us take the perfect pic. It’s pretty evident that the selfie market has proved that it’s here to stay, which begs just one question: how far is too far for the perfect selfie?
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Suicide and depression

Suicide and Depression: The Curse of Living

Mental illnesses and depression have a way of sucking the energy and colors out of life. It brings out the worst memories and uses it against you to bring you down to your knees. If not treated, it can often lead to suicide.
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Baba Harbhajan Singh

Baba Harbhajan Singh The Dead Lifesaver

Do supernatural elements exist? Is there omnipresence and omnipotence? Is there life after death? Some questions have always remained unanswered. And their remainder as unanswered questions is rather soothing compared to the attempt to answer them.
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Ashutosh Maharaj

Court Ruling on Dead Indian Guru Ashutosh Maharaj

Ashutosh Maharaj, the leader of the Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS), died of a suspected cardiac arrest in 2014. Immediately after, four doctors declared that he was dead, though devotees of the religious sect claimed the opposite; instead of burying or cremating him, his corpse was frozen.
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Honour Killing

Honour Killing: A Stigma on Humanity

It was a pleasant day. The evening had been dreamy and relatively cooler after the first monsoon rain. Enjoying tea with cookies, I was scrolling up and down on my feed when news caught my eyes. I couldn’t just scroll it down; a Christian teenage girl from Israel had been killed by her father over a relationship with a Muslim guy. That was Tuesday July 18th, 2017.
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Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah’s Witnesses: The Irony of Faith and Death

Jenny, 28, was diagnosed with leukemia seven months after discovering she was pregnant. Doctors advised that she could do two things that would save both her life and her baby. First, undergo a C-section and then chemotherapy, options she refused because of one thing. It required a blood transfusion. She died from giving birth.
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Introducing Death – A History of Anxiety and Denial

Life is full of uncertainties, and yet we usually don’t worry too much about them, we just pretend our life on this planet is certain. It’s a lie we tell ourselves to avoid thinking about the one thing that unites us all, the only event that is indeed certain: Death.
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