Blue Whale Challenge

The Blue Whale Challenge

Suicide has always been a delicate subject. While there are countries that openly discuss the topic and the factors surrounding it, numerous people still consider this territory a taboo. Some due to religious convictions, others for the fear of admitting the fact that death is sometimes a choice people make.
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The Curse of Being a Girl: The Devadasi Pratha Tradition in India

One fine morning when 10 year old Anjali woke up, she was rubbed with turmeric and showered with Neem water. Feeling all neat and tidy, she was then given the first Sari (traditional dress of women in India) of her life and a tray full of tempting sweets to gorge on. Little did Anjali know the terrible terrible fate which awaited her the next day hence. She, like thousands of other girls, was going to become a scapegoat in the religious muddle popularized by the name of ‘Devadasi’ or ‘Servants of God’.
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No Applause, Accolade, or Achievement: The Children of Pakistan

Street traffic increases every morning as people rush to go to earn their living leading to the constant honking of horns, the exchange of a few harsh words, and continuous nervous glances at watches or cell-phones, checking the time. While some are perfectly poised behind the steering wheels of glistening cars, others are swerving their motorbikes through tight spots in order to reach their small shops.
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Baby Farming: Gujarat’s Surrogacy Industry

Anand, a small town in Gujarat that is also known as the pioneer of Milk Revolution or White Revolution in India, has earned itself yet another reputation of “baby farm” where childless couples can get a baby. With commercial surrogacy banned in most of the countries and a hefty price tag in countries where it is allowed, likely parents from all parts of the world travel to Anand, Gujarat, to “rent a womb” for 9 months.
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Residential schools

Modern Colonization: Canada’s Hidden History of Residential Schools

Ask a non-Canadian what they think of the ‘Great White North’, and they will probably cite the country’s glorious system of liberal democracy, stable and fair governance, and the cutesy antics of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, yet beneath the world’s envy of Canada lurks a tragic past which has scarred and blighted the First Nations communities, namely the “residential schools”.
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International Day for the Abolition of Slavery 2016

It’s only on December 2th 1949 that the United Nations Convention for the Suppression of the Traffic in Persons and of the Exploitation of the Prostitution of Others was adopted. After all these years, there’s still an enormous amount of people suffering from slavery. We can think of human trafficking, child labour with pitiful conditions, bonded labour, sexual exploitation, forced marriage and recruitment of children for the benefit of some groups in armed conflict.
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Calais Jungle Children

Actor and activist Maisie Williams has an urgent message about the hundreds of refugee children stuck in the camp in Calais, France.

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