Your Pet Rabbit Hates You!

As a kid, I remember wanting a little furry friend. I actually wanted a little Guinea Pig; it’s like a rabbit but has smaller ears. Sadly as a young fella, I was bad at taking responsibility. But it’s not a matter of age really because let’s be honest, you suck too at taking care of your little cuddling machine, don’t you?
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BSL: The Bull S#!t Legislation

How can I describe what life has been like for me and my dog since Montreal’s Breed Specific Legislation has been on the table? Saying “It Sucks” does not embody the sleepless nights, anxiety, quality of life change, the defensiveness every time we leave the house, hours upon hours of research and struggling to understand the bylaw and keep my dog safe. It is as if every dog owner whose dog could be debated as a pitbull type dog has been labelled a criminal. That our dogs are weapons that we are carrying around unconcealed.
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Breed Specific Legislation: Truth and Consequences

It was a morning walk like any other: I was out with my toddler and my dog and we were paused at the local bridge, watching the creek water run rapidly over the rocks after recent rains. My daughter was delighting at the sound of the water as my dog sniffed every blade of grass she could find. Then a Police car drove past us, which didn’t phase me until he slowed right down and pulled a U-turn in the middle of the street and drove back towards us.
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