Rowan Blanchard Social Justice

9 People You Should Follow If You Are Into Social Justice Activism

Social Justice Activist — a term that can have a good or a bad meaning, depending in which corner of the Internet you’re at. Regardless of your interpretation, it’s undeniable that social media has become a sound platform for social justice, enabling everyone, from celebrities, scientists, writers to your average user, to speak up about certain problems within our society and educate their friends and followers.
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7 Celebrities Who Are Changing the World

Most of the time we hear stories of celebrities that are completely self-obsessed, drug abusing, or angry jerks. The celebrities that are actually making strides towards improving humanity get put on the back burner, if they’re even talked about at all. You’ve heard of every one of these people, but you don’t usually hear about the good they do for people all over the world. Here are 7 celebrities that are working towards improving humanity!
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Shutdown on Line 9

I think you will find it hard to find a rational person who hates the idea of protecting other people. Note that I didn’t say it’s hard to find a PERSON who hates the idea of protection others; I said a RATIONAL person.
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MMM 2016 Wake Up Call

We made an announcement video for the upcoming Million Mask March 2016 using our footage from last year’s demonstration in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
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It’s Okay to Talk is a campaign that seeks to raise suicide awareness among men. When you see a similar selfie as a profile picture, it means your friend wants you to know that it’s okay to talk.
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Slacktivism and The Damage Done

Attention! Attention!

This is a public service announcement to all of mankind. But more specifically, this is a public service announcement, to those of you on the front of information, and to those of you who are using your limited voice to fight the good fight, doing anything you can to spread knowledge, to spread truth, to spread love.
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