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Slacktivism and The Damage Done

Attention! Attention!

This is a public service announcement to all of mankind. But more specifically, this is a public service announcement, to those of you on the front of information, and to those of you who are using your limited voice to fight the good fight, doing anything you can to spread knowledge, to spread truth, to spread love.

I’d like to take a little time here to express my gratitude for all of you wonderful people who spread the love and information, while practicing what you preach; you are truly the forerunners, the movers, the shakers, the architects, and the oracles of this front.

Due to the exponential growth of hacky, blatantly narcissistic social media hippies and information seekers; without people such as you, this wave of intuition, and this library of un-popular opinion based information, would lose all credibility.

The front would be frontless, and the fight would be useless without all of you magnificent beacons of hope.

A toast: You beautiful god damned heretics!

Now some of you may be asking yourself: “What is this dude talking about? We share our Facebook posts! Our Bernie Sanders memes! We talk and discuss legitimate ideas amongst friends. We are ALL doing well for the cause!”

But are you?

Now, before I delve in deeper, I feel it’s my responsibility to say, that I know from personal experience that not everybody can keep a smile on their face all the time, and not everybody always feels like their ducks are in a row.

Which is perfectly okay, this is LIFE, people.

Now let me rephrase the question, “But are you even trying?”

Too often do I see my social media comrades talk down to others with seriously barbaric, violent ego-driven hate, and all because they don’t share the same opinions on certain ideas? Too often do I see contradictions in the psychology/philosophy ratio from many of our comrades, our soldiers.

For example, when somebody shares information about say… The Benefits of MDMA Therapy, while remaining responsible with their use, becomes a testament and a breathing example of the information shared. Much like when you’re in a constant state of discontent, and you share the same article with all the bells and whistles. You become a walking contradiction, and ultimately turn off anyone who might’ve otherwise considered the information at hand.

I know this because I used to be that guy; I used to be the sad little revolutionary on social media. I used to be the guy who either talked about the hard truths in the world, the demonization of sacred plants, ancient knowledge, I was the guy who had the whole world figured out at 1pm but the same guy who made it blatantly clear to everyone that I hated my life.

No Bueno.

Can you see how such a mindset could cause damage to the movement? Do you see how externalizing this mindset, is an ultimate disservice to the ideas that you’re fighting for? When you see somebody who preach, preach, preaches without prac, prac, PRACTICE. The naked eye sees someone who perpetuates a bunch of ideas that don’t work, but a more analytical one sees someone on the precipice of awakening, somebody stuck in the doorway, somebody with the know what, but not the knowhow. Anybody can think, but it takes discipline to externalize those thoughts into their reality. For this reason, I remain empathetic to those who are stuck with the door open, regardless of the fact that these are the same people letting the blizzard behind them into the room that they’re trying to step inside.

Unfortunately, morale on this side of the fence has seen better days, and quite frankly it’s not impossible to figure out why once you consider all of the tomfoolery, the smoke, the mirrors, the snakes. The explosion of antics that is cartoonishly and consistently thrown in our faces, courtesy of good ole’ cable television and broadcasting rights.

We have entered an era where connectivity is on a global scale, that’s 7 billion people folks. I know they are our brothers, and I know that their well being means something to you. But the fact of the matter is, you must be mindful of yourself before you can truly be mindful of others. Nobody wants to listen to a negative Nancy, and when someone who is unhappy starts telling you how to be happy, it becomes insulting.

So please folks, if you’re preaching yoga and proper nutrition, EAT RIGHT! DO YOGA!

If you’re preaching meditation, MEDITATE

If you’re preaching love, LOVE THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU

And if you’re preaching non-conventional drug therapy, stop zoinking yourself out on ecstasy 3 times a month; stop TALKING about the vibes and BE THE VIBES

It’s a big world out there, and it will surely beat you into psychosis, submission, or complacency if you let it. If you let it.

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Derek is an aspiring musician with a burning passion for the arts of word smithery. He spends most of his time toying with unconventional ideas, researching whatever comes to mind, and doing whatever it takes to break out of the Proletariat "regular guy" status. Derek truly believes the world to be warm and beautiful entity in the cosmos, and dreams of cultivating massive amounts of finances, so he can help the people around him as much as human limitation will allow.

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