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The Reason Why Donald Trump is the Best President Ever!

Hello, everyone. You’ve successfully clicked on a link and thus landed here, in my arms, to do with you as I please. Sorta.

See what you’ve clicked on is commonly referred to as Clickbait, a nifty little trick to get as many people as possible to react to a piece of content on the internet. So before you leave this article because you realized that you’d been fooled, let me at least address the headline.

I want YOU for clicks!


There are exactly two kinds people that clicked on this headline:

ONE – People that don’t like Trump. Predominantly Hillary Supporters, hoping to read some awesome conservative rant, which they can then denounce as utter bullshit and share with their Democrat friends and laugh, and laugh, and laugh, while circle jerking about Hillary.

TWO – Trump Supporters that started circle jerking just reading the previous paragraph.

You see, I don’t think Hillary would’ve been a great president. She’d look more professional reaping havoc, but I don’t know if that’s a better version of what we’ve got right now anymore. I used to think I knew, but that’s a different story altogether.

I mean yes, more people would’ve been insured, and we probably wouldn’t have a Mexican Twitter Standoff with North Korea, but hey, glass half full.


At least we can spot the bullshit now way earlier because the outer security layers of the Pentagon get regularly compromised by the President’s own Twitter account. He’s really doing those hackers a huge favor. I don’t think that’s what I expected would happen when politicians promise a transparent way of leading the country.

Can’t say that Tweet made me more confident.

Political Clickbait

But let’s get back on track. The reason you’re here is that you read a stimulating headline. One that either completely supported or entirely appalled your point of view.

And that exactly is the problem here, not just with us individually, but also with politics in general.

There seems to be no leeway in political views anymore. One cannot, for example, support green ideas and be a conservative at the same time. Most importantly, one cannot be a conservative and support these leftist ideas that the holy free market principle should not apply to all aspects of healthcare god forbid. Obamacare (not its actual name, I don’t know why we keep calling it that) seems to be the stepping stone on the freeway to a classless Marxist utopia for Republicans. How do they think the public service is funded? Ever looked at the fire and police departments?

Why can’t there be compromises? Why can’t parties, and we as their voters, make educated decisions and accept that no party is ever gonna be perfect or represent everything we want and, more importantly, need?

Now don’t start an argument about the “fact” your side is right. Why would that be? Because you read it on the freaking internet? Ok, this bit is just for you. Read it carefully.



Big Clickbait

Remember: At the end of the day, the internet is a money machine, especially social media. It will show you whatever it thinks you want to read. Why? Because you fed it all it needs to know to show you everything that remotely matches your interests and opinions, preferably as clickbait. And let’s be honest, you’ve been incredibly busy feeding that information sponge over either Facebook, Google or Twitter extensively during the presidential election. It doesn’t matter if you supported Trump, Hillary or the weird tongue creep that didn’t even know what an “Aleppo” is. Guess what, Google and Facebook know.

Clicks are money. And that money adds up. What interest should Facebook or “Fake News Sites” have in making you an informed citizen? They make way more money when you furiously click, share and spread their simplified clickbait garbage. So they nitpick and feed you only the bits and pieces they know you will click on because they align with your world view. And if they align very well, you might even spread it for them by spamming your friends with it.

Thank you for supporting the greedy social media money machine, you have really made a difference. Just not where it matters.

How can you circumvent it? Easy!

Next time you have an opinion, try googling the exact opposite and stick with it. This is a call out to all vaccine deniers! How about you try googling “Vaccines do not cause Autism” and “how am I destroying herd immunity”.

That’ll be a fun read for sure, at least more informative than the other clickbait stuff.

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