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The Pyramid Scheme of Herbalife – The Life Ender

My name is Trevohnn, and in the span of three months, I almost completely exhausted my entire bank account for a small-time company known as Herbalife, which unfortunately left a lifelong struggle for me. Before I dive into the specifics as to what they did (spoiler: the good old Pyramid Scheme), I suppose it only makes sense to dive into exactly why I joined them in the first place.

At the time, I was a recently graduated high school student with no car, no money, and barely having an education that I could carry with me anywhere. I decided it would be perfect taking a gap year while I was looking for a job and help around the house, maybe even get a car in the process. Pretty sound plan, right?

Well, the wondrous forces of the universe didn’t see it that way. I found myself consistently looking for a job to no avail, for a solid five months. Even worse, my mother’s sickness was taking a dangerous turn to the point where she would be in and out of the hospital constantly. You can probably guess how I found myself drowning in a pool of desperation.

How I entered into Herbalife and its Pyramid Scheme

Five agonizing months passed by until finally, a man whom I thought was my friend (like so many other people) told me of a place that is always looking for new people. It was called Herbalife.

“Listen all you gotta do is try this!” He said to me the moment he handed me a drink that I’d never even heard the name of before. I took two sips of the bittersweet drink of what could be described as a low-rate Starbucks Frappuccino. But because he was my friend, I couldn’t hurt his feelings, so I told him I thought it was fantastic.

He then introduced me to a world of 20-somethings who looked to be either just out of high school or just entering college. The objective for all of us was simple; we just had to call people and convince them to buy our product. The only drawback was that we had to buy a small shipment so that we could sell them out ourselves on the road and in our own homes. It may have been stupid to spend over 200 dollars on a small shipment for myself; I couldn’t help it. I finally had a job.

I was my own best customer at Herbalife

Days passed after I found carton upon carton of this mysterious drink on my doorstep. I took it in with optimism and hoped, gleaming in my heart and bones. It didn’t take long until I learned that, not only did no one want this drink, but the only way I could make money off this product would be to recruit other people to help me out with selling it at a lower level. Basically, like having your own team of individuals selling a product that absolutely no one wanted or asked for, a Pyramid Scheme. Then they sent me more of it, and more until it crowded my living room up to the ceiling, charging me for it in the process.

To make matters worse, I believed the drink worked. Naturally, I wanted to try the product I was selling. Not only did the drink make me sick to my stomach, it did the exact opposite of helping me lose weight like it promised it could. I’d never felt more regret and anger at myself in my entire life. I immediately told them I quit. Not that it mattered anyway, I’d already bought their product. They were already done with their pawn.

Stay away from any company using the Pyramid Scheme

It took difficult month after month to bounce back, but I eventually did. After the little pyramid scheme, I found myself trapped in, I not only found a job I loved, my mother regained back her health. If I could offer any advice to anyone, it’s this: Look up the places you’re considering working at. Never pay unbelievable amounts of money just to work at a job, no matter how hard the times may be. I promise you the road will look like it’ll go on forever. However, I can guarantee you there is going to be an end to the strife while searching and you will find something you love, and the hunt will have been worth it. I wish I had known that, but at least I know now. Herbalife will never take advantage of me again, and hopefully none of you either.

About Trevohnn Garner

Trevohnn is a 22 year old college student who lives for writing, singing, and doing as many bizarre things as humanly possible. Uncharted and Marvel Vs. Capcom are the absolute loves of his life, and he hopes one day his writing will influence or change the world. If he could change the life of one person though with his writings, that would be enough for him.

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