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5 Reasons Why Pumpkin Spice Latte is Bad for You

It’s the most basic time of the year. The time when the uggs, leggings, and pumpkin spice latte make their appearance for half the population to love and half the population to judge. Before you make the trip to your local cafe and order up one of these Autumn treats, take a read into why pumpkin spice latte is actually bad for you.

1. It Breaks the Bank

A recent study conducted found that consumers who drank seasonal drinks (such as the beloved pumpkin spice latte) were more likely to revisit the restaurants that serve these drinks, as well as spend 17 times more during each visit as opposed to non-seasonal-drink drinkers. Not to mention, pumpkin spice latte is WAY overpriced! If that’s not bad enough, I don’t know what is.

The study also concluded that seasonal drinkers were more likely to purchase other treats at the cafe such as pastries or sandwiches — which in turn can cause weight gain due to eating the processed foods containing high amounts of addictive sugar and preservatives.

2. It Buckles the Belt

Even if you make these pumpkin spice latte treats at home, there is almost no way of avoiding the use of lots of sugar and other unhealthy or fatty ingredients. You could, but it probably wouldn’t taste nearly as good. The high amount of sugar, flavoring, and coloring in these things is frankly just bad and if you have enough of these this autumn season you may find yourself in a bigger pants size.

3. It Burdens the Body

An array of bad side effects follow the ingestion of a pumpkin spice latte. For instance, the preservatives found in your #basic beverage can cause a headache. The high amount of sugar can cause energy peaks and evidently, crashes. The caffeine can even increase your risk of blood clotting!

Again, and I will repeat, the incredible amount of sugar, fat and other garbage in this stuff can cause weight gain. So, unless you’re trying to bulk up before winter, is getting that perfect pumpkin-patch-Instagram shot really worth it?

4. It’s Basically Bologna

No, not actual bologna, but the stuff is basically fake pumpkin-spice. Instead of using real nutmeg or cloves, Starbucks uses sabinene and eugenol in their place (because nutmeg and cloves are not easily accessible in groceries stores or anything). So why do they use false and bad ingredients to replicate the taste of real ones? MONEY — using sabinene and eugenol in your chemically-spiced latte are way cheaper than using the real McCoy. Some even argue that the faux pumpkin Spice actually captures the taste of pumpkin spice better than the real stuff!

5. Basically Basic

Before the huge craze of the Starbucks “Fall Favourite”, who actually made or drank pumpkin spice latte? People are so obsessed with pumpkin-spiced-everything because it is literally everywhere. It has its own hashtag, people take photos of and with it, people try to make weird foods out of pumpkin spice (pumpkin spice pizza… Really?), people wear it, and even sport phone cases of it. It’s like a bad culture of its own. If you are only purchasing and drinking pumpkin spice latte because you want a picture for your Instagram — congrats, you are pretty basic. If you are actually purchasing them because you love the taste of pumpkin spice latte — congrats, you have no taste buds.

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