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The Perks of Having a Postgraduate Degree

As our world chases the change of times in today’s globalization-centric Information Age, knowledge becomes an investment that can catapult yourself towards the realization of your career goals. Because of this, companies of various industries also seek higher levels of education for their employees.

A few years ago, a college education would have sufficed for one to land a good job, but today, an applicant with at least a Master’s degree no longer merely has an advantage, but is usually already preferred by employers.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics under the US Department of Education, about 3 million students in the US enrolled in post-baccalaureate programs in 2016. In addition, the 754,000 master’s and 178,000 doctorate degrees awarded for the Academic Year 2013–2014 has risen to 798,000 master’s and 181,000 doctorate degrees for 2016–2017.

This shows a large number of students finding the need to pursue graduate education as a means to further expand their horizons for learning and career development.

Therefore, it is high time for young professionals to already consider graduate studies while you are at their prime. Especially for fresh college graduates who have been all drained out after the long nights of reviewing for exams and the quick passing of time when rushing academic papers for four years or more, you might think that the last thing that you need is yet another school work. However, a graduate degree has a lot of perks that you might not want to miss.

A Postgraduate Degree Makes You More Appealing To Hire

Employers no longer rank applicants based on academic awards or university. Now, another variable comes in. Those with master’s degree are piled on top, followed by graduates with honors from reputable universities, and then graduates from reputable universities and graduates with honors from smaller universities, and then all the rest.

Everyone can prove their capabilities through written employment examinations and interviews, but the résumé always gives the first impression. A MA or MS degree will surely automatically give the HR personnel a good impression that you need to be considered for the next level of the selection process.

A Postgraduate Degree Makes You Qualify For More Positions

For instance, the Philippines has become a recent addition to nations implementing the K-12 Education System, where an additional two years for senior high school is required after finishing kindergarten, six-year grade school, and four-year high school.

On one hand, this allows high school students to be already eligible to work in entry-level positions, but on the other hand, this would mean that collegiate education becomes an even higher level of learning, which thus requires educators who have finished graduate education to be able to teach courses that are even more theoretical.

Aside from this, managerial positions in the corporate world usually require an MBA, along with years of experience. The same goes for government directorial positions.

A Postgraduate Degree Opens You To New Perspectives Of The Field

While industry work shows many practical applications learned from experience, there is value in looking at the field from an academic perspective.

There are advancements in the field that are explored and theorized in the academe based on experiences on the field, and it is through the academe that these concepts become accepted as guiding principles that the whole field will follow.

From groundbreaking experimental work in the hard sciences to behavioral theories of the social sciences, to the exploration of contemporary styles in the liberal arts, the academe serves as the venue for turning practice into theories that strengthen your respective fields. By studying what you experience in the industry in the form of academic work, these practices become legitimate.

A Postgraduate Degree Opens You To Networks And Connections

Many professionals undertake graduate studies: employees, managers, school administrators, company executive officers, business owners, non-governmental officers and social workers, government officials, and more. When you become classmates with them, and you engage in group works for class requirements, you can develop a good relationship with them. In the future, you might see yourself doing business, partnerships, and projects with these people.

Ultimately, a graduate degree makes you more open-minded. It helps to develop an openness to learning without the stress and complacency of college life. It is all about genuinely knowing and wanting to know more, about wanting to contribute to society and serve the people through the gift of knowledge.

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