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Panama Papers: The Pakistani Connection

At last, it happened. The day arrived and became a memorable one. Yes, I am talking about the event that took place on the 20th day of this year’s April. The day which was anxiously being waited even by those who don’t know the country’s president’s name, Nawaz Sharif, let alone the politics. The Panama Papers Verdict has actually grabbed the attention of everyone out there.

The verdict had been saved some time ago but was kept confidential and protected. The honorable judges had remarked the verdict as “a historical verdict”, one which would always be remembered connected to the Panama Papers.

Yes, it will be remembered that there was a judgment passed which was inspired by a fairy tale. The fairy tale in which the two sisters were also promised by the prince to be their wives and not only the “Cinderella”.

People are coming up with different apprehensions about this event. The layman is declaring judiciary sold outs, as it failed to take a decision even after months and months of investigation. To them, the judiciary should have been bold enough to either pronounce Nawaz Sharif as guilty or absolve him clearly. This ‘in-between’ and further investigation thing looks like nothing but an extension tactic.

However, there are the others, distributing sweets and dancing out ecstatically, for their party chief was saved from the ultimate humiliation of being convicted guilty. Nawaz Sharif will remain in his seat. They are happy for the reason that their leader is not unable to be in the government. He is not a not-so-Saadiq and Ameen. He has just been able to survive it by the whisker.

Nawaz Sharif: Crimes Revealed through the Panama Papers Scandal

Then, there are politicians, bureaucrats, lawyers, journalists etc… talking about the verdict after actually reading the 549-page document. To them, the judicial bench of 5 judges has given the final verdict of the PM being guilty of making money through unfair means, revealed through the Panama Papers Scandal. If the verdict is given the chance of reading it in between the lines, the language, and remarks used by the honorable judges clearly condemn Nawaz Sharif and his family’s conduct in connection to the Panama Papers. They used the words ‘ludicrous” and ‘absurd’ for the PM failed attempt at explaining the non-existent money trail. Two judges were gutsy enough to state the person in question as unable to stay in his seat. However, the other three haven’t yet exonerated the Prime Minister and asked for more investigation through a JIT (Joint Investigation Team).

The JIT is bound to complete the further investigations within the period of 60 days, which is impossible, according to many people who have read the document. It might take a year or more, as it will require other countries to cooperate in evidence collection and information sharing. These countries might not even want to share the details as they are not bound to do so by any charter.

So, let’s keep our fingers crossed and where we’ve waited for this whole year, let’s wait for two more months for things to get clear. Let’s hope that our people will stop accepting ‘further investigation’ lollipops. Not anymore!

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