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Nuns Growing Cannabis: Lifting America One Mind at a Time

Nuns growing cannabis

Cannabis has faced a lot of criticism from people over the decades. While youngsters are mostly in the favor of it, it is the older generations that sometimes object to it. But you’ll be surprised to find a 59-year-old nun Sister Kate who has made a business out of it, and there’s even other nuns growing cannabis.

Self-Proclaimed Nun

Before things get confusing, let’s get one thing out of the way. Sister Kate is a self-described nun who has dedicated her life to activism and to the service of the planet. She went through a difficult divorce as well as a highly dramatic career change in the year 2009 but she didn’t let that get in the way of her success.

The Story of Sister Kate

Sister Kate, previously known as Catherine Meeusen worked at the consultancy that she founded and moved to the state of California to dip her toes into the cannabis industry. What she wanted was to start a nonprofit organization that delivers cannabis to the people who are severely ill and need something to ease the pain.

“This business came out of necessity. Then the business became a calling.” – Sister Kate

Now the question is, how did Catherine began calling herself a nun? In 2011, she was simply just an activist far outside the cannabis industry. Later that year, she started calling herself a nun as she protested new nutrition standards that were set by the United States Department of Agriculture. This is the very same department that made the incredible decision to start considering pizza sauce as a vegetable. I think you get the picture we are trying to paint here. These nutrition standards were later turned into a House Agriculture Appropriations Bill despite being heavily opposed by then-first lady Michelle Obama.

“When congress declared pizza a vegetable, I declared myself a nun.” – Sister Kate

From Sister Occupy to Sisters of The Valley

When others became aware of Sister Kate, they encouraged her to attend the Occupy Wall Street movement as Sister Occupy. And she did so while wearing a habit and a long dress, the typical attire of a nun. Sister Kate says that the last time America witnessed an awakening, it was during the time of Martin Luther King Jr. when nuns, clergy as well as monks walked alongside the man.

Sister Kate’s nonprofit collective turned into a business in 2014. This industry allowed her to expand her knowledge and expertise of the cannabis industry thereby rendering her to have a deep and personal commitment towards not only sustainability but also herbal medicine, sisterhood and towards being one with the earth.

The Nuns Growing Cannabis

This is precisely when Sisters of the Valley came to be when Sister Kate started hiring more “sisters” in 2015. These were women who shared similar views of the world alongside Sister Kate and wanted to see a thriving community free of pain. Together these ladies work on Merced County in California which is a farm owned by Sister Kate. Here they blend and create a variety of herb-infused products meant for healing and relaxation. All of these women continue to wear habits and long dresses or skirts. Members of this team include females from New Zealand and Toronto.

The fascinating part is not one of these sisters are ordained or confined to any religious boundaries or order. Though according to Sister Kate, a former Catholic nun did join their team but no longer practices actively.

The Beguines

What these women envision themselves as are the Beguines. This was an ancient order comprising of several female healers in 600 A.D. They lived communally and created herbal medicine. Some of these healers were also burned at the stake for being labelled as “witches” for the craft that they practiced.

But unlike the Beguines, the Sisters of the Valley work under a vow. And this isn’t anything like any vow you have ever seen. This vow isn’t to a God, but rather to a lifestyle. They believe that the criminalization of users of cannabis over the years has put a damper on the healing abilities of the plant. You will find products like balms, tinctures, soaps and oils that are sold by these self-proclaimed nuns growing cannabis for the greater good. This is the kind of future we like going towards!

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