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Nuisance Bills: Anti Distracted Driving Act

And here they go again.

That is probably what you could have blurted out during the Philippines’ first time implementation of the Anti Distracted Driving Act (RA 10913).

If you go around, Filipino drivers have this habit of decorating their dashboards of different stuff: religious tokens, photos, navigation devices, and sometimes a feng shui ornament. It has been both a tradition and an identity.

Just a few weeks ago, this Act has been implemented and believe it or not, the simple aim of getting things away from a driver’s line of sight, turned out to be a nuisance.

Why the Driving Act is Annoying

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) did implement this in early May and inasmuch as they wanted traffic to be better by mitigating accident, this bill met criticism from motorists and other politicians.

Basically, they want drivers to have a clear sight of the road by not displaying anything in the windshield or dashboard. But what made this a nuisance is that the enforcers themselves seemed confused as to what actually distracts a driver’s line of sight.

In fact, some drivers who were called of from alleged violation were able to get themselves out of a ticket all because when they asked for the justification of their arrest, the officers just couldn’t argue.

In short, the regulations of this bill was not well thought off and the enforcers themselves do not even understand their own law.

For instance, officers even suggest for navigation tools to be placed lower and farther to the side of the driver as if this is not the diversion in itself.

What you can do about the Driving Act

This only shows that sometimes, people just do not need to accept things from authority. They need to scrutinize the practicality of it.

It is just disappointing that this actually went through several approvals. However, it only came after its implementation that the regulations are vague.

This tells us that our responsibility even as civilians are not limited within ours.immediate social circle. Even when we do not have access to bigger governmental platforms, we can be heard. Thus, should take advantage of the means closest to us. Had motorists just accepted this, most of us would have been inconvenienced by enforcers who would have groped and subjected us to trial and error?

Moreover, had civilians did not speak up against the driving act, hundreds could have been issued tickets.

This only goes to tell us that whenever we get involved in anything related to politics we need to pay attention as whoever we place on the political chairs could back us up whenever we are grieved by nuisance bills.

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