International Court of Justice The Hague

International Court of Justice: A Bureaucratic Hoax?

In a century in which human rights have passed from being somehow of a proselytist fallacy to being the core of the global political debate, international tribunals couldn’t be out of the discussion. This begs the question: Is the International Court of Justice a productive institution or a bureaucratic hoax?
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Racist Racism Inequality

The Racist Agenda: Politics at the Expense of Equality

Rising political tensions, a strengthening right-wing, and Donald Trump. Racism is as big of a topic as it’s always been. What we often like to ignore though is that racism never decreased nor that it’s at its peak now. Previous US Presidents cleverly used underlying racism and racist notions to collect votes and carve a way to hell for most of the black population in the US for the past decades.
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color-blind racism equality

Color-Blind Racism: Think you’re not Racist? Think Again!

Abolishing inequality in the world is a big goal, one we continuously try to move closer to. One aspect of it is racism and the challenges it creates in our society. You see, the problem is, we all are racist to a certain degree, even those of us, that claim to be color-blind or treating everyone the same.
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Parental Regret Parents Children

Parental Regret: Parents Who Regret Having Children

One morning you come to find out you or your significant other is pregnant. For most people, this is a moment of pure bliss and joy but for others, it’s a scary scenario of uncertainty and fear. You might think an abortion is an option but if you’re the guy and the girl decides to keep it, or you live in a country where an abortion is illegal, well, then you’re done. Most of the times these parents regret having these children… But what kind of creatures does parental regret create? How does this influence our youth? And most important of all; is it for the worse?
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LGBTQ Youth Homelessness

LGBTQ Youth Homelessness: Lonely and Victimized

LGBTQ homelessness is not a hot topic anywhere. Why would it be? It’s not visible or sexy enough to catch votes with it, it’s not on our radar at all. When we think about the homeless we think about old dirty beggars on street corners, which is already sad enough, but the truth is grimmer than that. Up to 1.6 Million young people are subject to homelessness each year in the US alone, and a huge chunk of them is part of the LGBTQ community. Here’s what you need to know about LGBTQ youth homelessness.
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Video Games Sexism

A Thorn in the Side: The Case of Sexism in Video Games

Contrary to the popular belief that people who play video games are predominantly male, women actually make up nearly half of the world’s gaming population. Since such a large piece of video game profits come from women, it’s surprising that not only are women grossly misrepresented in video games, there is also a shocking amount of sexism and sexualization in the industry.
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Church of Scientology Mental Abuse Physical Abuse

Physical and Mental Abuse in the Church of Scientology

If you’ve heard of Scientology, you heard of them in mostly shady ways. A mysterious organization that presents itself in cryptic messages to the outside world. You may have heard that they are an expensive bunch, or that they work wonders on the mind, and you may find that either (rightfully) disturbing or very intriguing to say the least. But there is another side, a darker side, to the Church of Scientology, one that they fight hard to keep a secret. Reports of physical and mental abuse within the self-proclaimed church are piling up from all sides, and they are truly disturbing.
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Chiquita Banana Terrorist Group FARC

Banana Republic: Chiquita Funded Terrorism in Colombia

Business is business. That means that business decisions have only one thing in mind – the company and their profits. It’s a nice code of honor to shield yourself from the emotional consequences of decisions made out of greed. The prime example of this is banana company Chiquita, which has been found guilty and reached settlements over their business decision to fund terrorist groups in Colombia for their personal gain, causing the death and suffering of thousands.
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Childhood Children Technology

Technology: The Slow Death of Childhood

Every once in a while, we take a trip down memory lane and relive the days of our childhood, before technology, when everything was much simpler. Children today look at the world through a small lens, one at the back of a device they constantly hold in their hands. About 25 years ago, the idea of a child having fun was playing with friends in the park or building a fort inside the living room. Having fun didn’t require expensive devices or constant parental supervision. The world children lived in two decades ago was technology free and simple.
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Psychopathy Narcissism Dating Psychopath

Narcissism, Psychopathy, and the Dating Game

People with a darker personality than most, those who score higher in psychopathy and Machiavellianism, are usually manipulative, vain, selfish, and callous. A sane person who can identify these people from a crowd would keep his or her distance but that begs one important question: How is it that psychopaths and narcissists are so popular in the dating scene?
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