Stephen Hawking Mind Disabilities

Stephen Hawking Postulate: Human Triumph over Disabilities

Stephen Hawking left us at 76 years of age. The one man who was able to explain the cosmos to us and to theorize about the beginning of everything. But if there was one challenge he faced all his life, it was the Lou Gehrig’s disease, a motor neuron illness that paralyzed him over decades. With the help of technology, he was able to continue to share his brilliance and was even able to author books and research. If there is a legacy left here, it is this: the brain can be greater than the body and disabilities. Read more

Women Empowerment

Empowerment: Are Women Today Empowered or Defiant?

What is a brave woman? What is empowerment? That is probably one of the hardest questions to answer. If we go back in time and look at how the feminine is viewed, we can agree that the feminine is considered the weaker gender. She is always the calm one. The distressed. The exclusive.
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Trump Twitter Parents Children

Donald 2.0: How to Avoid Raising the Next Trump

Donald Trump is many things. He is, of course, the President of the United States. He is the mastermind behind “The Apprentice.” But above all else, he’s a child. From Twitter tantrums to name-calling, Trump is easily the most childish 71-year-old president in history. His lack of sensitivity and respect and his self-centered, fragile ego are traits that should have prevented him from becoming the head of the United States of America – and yet, here we are. Something went right for Trump and, subsequently, wrong for America. Parents: it’s on us now to do whatever we can to avoid bringing up Trump 2.0.
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Geography US Russia

How Geography Shaped the USA and Russia

There are 195 countries in this world, and most of them are unique in several ways. They possess their own history, culture, and citizens that separate them from the rest of the world in one way or another. An important factor as to how and why nations have developed the way they have is their geography. Geography is the very foundation of any nation, influencing their growth, security and wealth in a significant way. Geographical features dictate the national and international policy of every country, which is why we want to take a look at several nations, this time the US and Russia, to analyze how geography shapes and influences their every decision.
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Nazi Crimes Poland Israel

Israel Calls New Polish Law on Nazi Crimes a Whitewash

Why are we still talking about Nazi war crimes? Well, first of all, because remembering these atrocious actions helps us to avoid a similar future, at least in a social and politic context. Secondly, because this year a new law forbids to accuse the Polish government of complicity in Nazi crimes.
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Failing Democracy Politics

Are We Failing Democracy or is Democracy Failing us?

We live in tumultuous times. The re-emerging of right-wing nationalist ideologies, rising sentiments of white supremacy and an almost revolutionary smell in the air. Western Democracies around the world experience a shakeup. An increasing neglect of progressive values, replaced by nationalist patriotism by the rise of a new right. Fueled by the rejection of the elites in power, the “simple” voter seems to rebel against the status quo from both the left and right. That begs the question – Are we failing Democracy or is Democracy failing us?
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Gig Economy Latin America

Digitizing Latin American: Gig Economy in Developing Countries

As the internet and smart technologies have gone from military issues to penetrating all daily affairs, the World has changed a lot. Even the labor sector has experienced amazing transformations as new platforms have influenced work relations. We are taking a look at the gig economy in Latin America.
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Left-Right Terminology Politics

The Origin of Left-Right Terminology in Politics

Politics are a complex thing. So complicated in fact, that many people struggle to keep informed. The world runs at an exhilarating pace and even if we confine ourselves to our own countries in terms of political agendas and elections, it’s still a lot to take in. That is one of the reasons why we like to generalize politics into handy left-right terminology to summarize both our own views as well as the parties we vote for. But where does this terminology come from and what does it mean?
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