Pedophiles Pedophilia Children Online

Shield Children from Pedophiles and Sexual Predators Online

It is a parent’s primary job to take care of their kids. It doesn’t only mean that they have to be protected from physical harm but also psychological and sexual harm. Pedophilia is the worst crime to exist and it puts the very innocence of our young ones at stake. Researchers have found that pedophiles take as little as 120 seconds in chat rooms to start talking to kids about sex and arrange a meeting with them in as little as 40 minutes.
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Geography China

Foundation of a Superpower: How Geography Shaped China

There are 195 countries in this world, and most of them are unique in several ways. They possess their own history, culture, and citizens that separate them from the rest of the world in one way or another. An important factor as to how and why nations have developed the way they have is their geography. Geography is the very foundation of any nation, influencing their growth, security and wealth in a significant way. Geographical features dictate the national and international policy of every country, which is why we want to take a look at several nations, this time China, to analyze how geography shapes and influences their every decision. Read more

Left-Right Political Spectrum Politics

Left-Right Political Spectrum: Consequences of Simple Politics

We humans like to put things into boxes. We love to describe things in black and white, both our world and ourselves. That’s why we use the left-right political spectrum to describe politics because it’s a highly complicated topic that isn’t easy to comprehend for the masses unless we keep it simple. But how does the simplification of our political system in debates, news, and electoral campaigns influence our perception of politics?
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Toys R Us Toy Retailers

Toys “R” Bust: A Growing List of Fallen Toy retailers

Toys “R” Us continues to demonstrate that memories with a corporate entity can strike a chord with generations of children and adults alike. Whether or not toys were your thing, Toys “R” Us, at its peak, was one of the country’s biggest toy retailers.
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African Continental Free Trade Area

The Challenges of the African Continental Free Trade Area

On 21st March, at a sitting in Rwanda, 44 African countries appended their signatures to formalize an agreement for an African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) in a move that will see the African countries implement free trade policies among the member’s states.
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Reality TV Fame

Reality TV: The Price for 15 Minutes of Fame

Behind the catchy theme songs, pretty (scripted) words, designer attire and bright lights, reality TV shows harbour some pretty dark secrets. Reality TV stars are exploited to entertain the masses, but what negative effects remain once the cameras, once and for all, stop rolling? Many many reality TV stars regret their appearances on TV, and some have returned to ruined careers and relationships when their silly stints were over. And yet, many find themselves back under those bright lights for the next reality TV trend. Underneath all that glitz and glamour, what are the negative side effects of all this unprecedented fame? What darkness hides beneath all the bright lights and heavy editing that dominate reality TV?
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Universal Basic Income Finland

Can Universal Basic Income Work for Us and Our Economy?

In the beautiful countryside of Finland, a man gets about 560€ sent to his bank account, every month, for free! No strings attached! He uses this cash as and when he likes. Who is giving him all this free money? The Government of Finland. It’s called Universal Basic Income.
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Poland Jedwabne Pogrom Antisemitic History

Jedwabne Pogrom: Is Poland Trying to Erase History?

A few weeks ago, the Polish government approved a new law, making it illegal to associate Poland with Nazi crimes. Basically, saying or writing something like “Polish death camps” is now punishable by law. However, that contradicts actual events surrounding the Jedwabne Pogrom. Read more