Brazil #LetHerWork Machismo

#LetHerWork – #TimesUp for Brazilian Machismo

In the Fall of 2017, many of Hollywood’s celebrated actresses and artists began to break their silence about sexual harassment in the film industry by posting on social media, using the simple hashtag, #MeToo. Since the day those two little words blew up the internet and millions responded and shared their stories, several other movements have emerged, such as the now famous #TimesUp campaign. Today, worlds away from Hollywood, professional women in Brazil are making a stand as well against the misogynistic culture and machismo in the workplace there, by tweeting and sharing a video with the hashtag, #LetHerWork or #DeixaElaTrabalhar in Portuguese. 
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100% Renewable Energy Fossil Fuels

100% Renewable Energy: Can we Live without Fossil Fuels?

When we talk about energy production and consumption, we inevitably have to talk about Fossil Fuels and renewable energy. The impacts of coal and oil on our planet is undeniable and the search for viable alternatives is still ongoing. Over time, the dream of being independent of depletable Fossil Fuels and to switch to potentially endless environmental resources like water, solar, and wind has grown significantly and becomes more realistic every day. Today, some countries and regions are already utilizing 100% Renewable Energy, but is that a realistic goal for all of us? What would it take to realistically ditch Fossil Fuels and bank on 100% Renewable Energy?
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Online Piracy Torrenting Download

Digital Pirates: How Piracy Changes Consumerism for Good

If you’ve lived through the early days of the internet and beyond, chances are you have indulged yourself in some innocent internet piracy. Chances are that you have seen the rise and fall of Napster and enjoyed the way it helped you discover new music and download it for free. The industry went head over heels in taking down these early but widespread signs of a consumer revolution, misreading that piracy is not only an inevitable part of our society but way more than that. While pirating content is a real crime with real-world consequences, it has had effects on the way we all consume goods for the better. However, it still poses great challenges to established industries that resist changing the status quo.
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What Facebook Data

What Data does Facebook Collect From Us? Take a Look!

Cambridge Analytica and the Facebook Data Breach are still very much dominating the news, especially with the recent hearing involving Mark Zuckerberg. While changes to Facebook’s approach to Data Security and Privacy are (hopefully) imminent, we actually went ahead and checked what of our data Facebook actually saves and uses. We downloaded a copy of our Facebook data and looked closely what Facebook actually has on us.
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Technology Patience

Technology Kills Patience: The Generation that Does Not Wait

How many of us are still willing to sit for at least thirty minutes to be served with whatever we want in a restaurant? How many of us are willing to start from the bottom then work our way to the top or to be patient to get a promotion? Just how many of us are still willing to wait? Almost no one. Technology has truly killed our patience.
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Genetics Race Racism Science

Genetics and Race: Science is Colorblind

The concept of race seems to be an inherent trait of humanity. While diversity is increasingly accepted and embraced by many, ideologies like white supremacy keep looming on the fringes. Racism is deeply rooted in the fear of the unknown and the rejection of superficial differences. Genetics prove just how arbitrary these notions actually are, and that science actually cannot define or replicate the races as clearly as we use them, making them a primarily social concept.
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Cotton Global Economy Globalization

The Cotton Story – Slavery and the Birth of Modern Economies

Cotton is a product we don’t think too much about, yet it is an integral part of our everyday lives. But that’s not all. Cotton is not only still widely used in our clothing products and remains to be a big industry, but it also had major impacts on how our global economy developed over time. Sven Beckert’s book “Empire of Cotton” illustrates how cotton impacted our world.
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Facebook Data Scandal

Facebook Data Scandal: Does our Data Control Us?

When we think about our daily lives, it doesn’t seem possible to live without technology. The internet is one of the biggest examples of how far humanity has come in terms of technological freedom and yet it is the very thing that defines the shackles that hold us down. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat have so much dominance over us and we have allowed it to the point of becoming numb.
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Clean Coal Environmental Impact Coal Mining

Clean Coal: The Environmental Impact of Coal Mining

If you were to listen to the people involved in the coal industry, and to some extent President Donald Trump, they would tell you that coal is the fuel of life. It is cheap in production costs, efficient in energy creation, and still plentiful compared other fossil fuels like oil. Unfortunately, coal is also the dirtiest and most harmful fuel for power generation known to mankind. No matter how much the industry likes to throw the term clean coal around, king coal remains to be the dirty ruler of the energy industry.
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Easter Bunny Lie

The Easter Bunny Lie: Fuzzy Friend or Enemy?

It’s that time of year again: overpriced chocolate bunnies and colourful chocolate eggs litter the grocery stores, and pastels are the palette of choice for the holiday decor. Easter is primarily a religious holiday, but it’s often overshadowed by that big, unnatural bunny who lays eggs made of chocolate for children to search for and devour. The Easter Bunny is just one of the trifecta of lies that parents tell their children each year, partnered with the Tooth Fairy and Santa, but there are some who believe that, as fun as it can be, the seemingly innocent fibs may actually be harmful to a child’s mental well-being.
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