Space Politics: NASA Astronauts Returning to the Moon

Ever since Trump’s inauguration this year, it’s become a trend for the President of the United States and his administration to make dreadful and controversial decisions: rolling back birth control, phasing out DACA, firing James Comey — it’s a long list! However, his most recent mistake is not unique to him. It has been repeated by newly elected presidents time after time — Space exploration.
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Alternative medicines

5 Trendy Crap Alternative Medicines You Should Avoid

We don’t blame you for wanting to feel better, lose weight or save money, but we do blame you if you do not do your research before buying into these trendy crap alternative medicines. For whatever your trouble is, there’s a home-remedy for it. But be sure to dig a little deeper than the first sponsored ad that appears on your google search.
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HIV and diabetes

HIV and Diabetes: Two Sicknesses We Know. Or Do We? 

HIV has been stigmatized as one of the most horrible diseases one can have, right? Diabetes, on the other hand, has almost become normal. Chances are high you probably know someone that is a Diabetes patient, yet quite low to know an HIV positive person. According to the National Diabetes Statistics 2017, over 30.3 million worldwide have diabetes. Among them, 23.1 million are diagnosed, and 7.2 million are undiagnosed. So let’s take a deeper look at HIV and diabetes.
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Shopping online

How the Internet Changed Shopping

The Internet has largely changed the way we go shopping today, and it happened in just one decade. Books, electronics, clothes, cosmetics, medicines, you name it, everything is available online. You can buy whatever you like without leaving your house.
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Vault 7, CIA and Wikileaks

Wikileaks, CIA and Vault 7: Who’s “Safe” Anymore?

Since our suspicions of the US Government spying on our web activities were confirmed, safety seems overrated at this point. Can’t even play “World of Warcraft” without some covert agents trying to infiltrate our raids. Better yet, don’t even bother with your brand new online fridge because the Russians might be hacking those as you grab your next tuna casserole. Again, safety is overrated. Read more

Internet Communities

How the Internet Changed Communities

Some see them as social circles or places where someone can stand out. Ideas are shared, plans for meet-ups can be arranged, and friendships are forged. How can anyone feel alone in the vast communities of cyberspace? We are living in a world where every clique, every group, every small little neighborhood of data and people flood every web page.
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Robo-Humans: How We Will Integrate Bionics Into Our Bodies

We’ve heard of providing individuals who’ve lost limbs with prosthetic arms and legs. We’ve even heard of doctors implanting bionic hearts into patients, but how far will this bionic future go? With the aid of science and robotics, people who couldn’t walk or see are now doing so. However, these faux body parts could eventually become the norm and even favored by humans who want to advance their abilities.
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Corn biofuel

Corn Vs. Other Biofuels: Which is Better?

In one corner we have corn and in the other, alternative biofuels. Will corn reign as the best renewable energy source, or will a new challenger leave it in the dust? After looking at recent research, let’s take a look at what separates the two contenders.
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Clean Coal?

Clean Coal: How Lobbyists Undermined US Interests for Profit

During the 2016 U.S. election, Donald Trump stood on the podium during a rally in West Virginia. Trump had chosen West Virginia, historically an epicenter for coal production, to unleash his full support for what he perceived as an ‘American’ energy source. In front of the screaming crowd, he donned a coal miners hat and gave a vague series of talking points on his support of coal.
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