Sanctimommy Mother Bully

Sanctimommy: Moms who Bully on Social Media

Becoming a parent is a wonderful experience, but it’s also extremely difficult. There are sleepless nights for months on end, there is rarely time for a shower or a decent meal, and for tired new parents dealing with a baby who won’t eat, sleep or stop crying, there are many questions that need answering. For those who don’t have the option to ask a friend or relative for advice, parents may turn to the next best thing – social media. Little do they know they may have to face a Sanctimommy.
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YouTube Adpocalypse Logan Paul Suicide

YouTube: The Adpocalypse, Logan Paul, and Suicide

The rise of YouTube on the internet has been unparalleled, enabling individuals to become successful video creators on the platform. However, YouTube is increasingly failing most of its members, struggling to find a healthy balance between its users and advertisers, also called the Adpocalypse. A circumstance that is further showcased by the trainwreck that is Logan Paul and his already infamous suicide video showing a real corpse, that got trending on YouTube.
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Tor Browser and the Dark Web

Tor Browser: The Key to Internet Privacy

Internet privacy is paramount in this day and age, and we are not only referring to the canceled net neutrality laws in the US. The Tor Browser and Network have enabled countless people to browse and act anonymously on the internet. Regardless of all the positive aspects of the technology, it is all but popular, especially since it gives users potential access to the mysterious Dark Web.
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Violent Video Games

Violent Video Games and their Impact on Society

Video games, whether they are played on your PC or on a console system, come in all shapes and sizes – and with a variety of parental ratings. From the colourful world of Hello Kitty Online to the remarkably violent Grand Theft Auto series, and every game in between, the range of violence in video games seems endless. But what impact do violent video games really have?
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Harvey Ball, History Personalities

History: Great Personalities Forgotten in Time

I bet we all know of Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates. Their innovations in technology have had a huge impact on the world. Others like Albert Einstein and Henry Ford have left a lasting legacy with their contributions to the world. There are many other great personalities throughout history whom we know and celebrate for their great innovations or contributions to the world. That said, there remain others whom, even after making great contributions, have become forgotten and we hardly know about them. In this article, I will introduce to you ten great personalities I bet you didn’t know about.
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Lab-Grown Meat

Lab-Grown Meat May Be the Future of Food

When we thought scientists were taking a low spiral on inventions, they pull yet another big surprise on us. Who could have imagined or envisioned a point where we would produce meat from anything other than animals? Well, they have caught us flat-footed on a potentially good idea. This major invention of the food industry is lab-grown meat.
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Facebook Social Networks

Our Mind isn’t Private: How Facebook Destroys Society

Something interesting is happening in our society, until a few years ago, when we arrived at a new place, the first thing we did was look at the menu, choose a seat and go to do what we were going to do there. Those rituals have been maintained, we only added an extra: we ask for the WiFi password. Have you ever stopped to think how many times daily you check your social networks, like Facebook?
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Gambling, Gaming and Loot Boxes

Gaming and Loot Boxes: What is Gambling Anyway?

If you’re a gamer, or in any way afflicted with gaming, you may have heard the words loot boxes and gambling a lot recently. In fact, you may have heard a lot of consumers scream GAMBLING at publishers while the publishers and rating boards screamed NOT AT ALL GAMBLING back at them.
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