Programming Children

Programming: Why Children Should Learn Coding

The digital revolution is advancing with every passing year. We are at a point where technology has taken over our lives, being incorporated into everything we do, from entertainment to business. So why aren’t we getting our children in on the ground floor? Programming and computer literacy is still considerably low across the board, while jobs in the field exploded.
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Can Lab-Grown Meat End World Hunger?

Could Lab-Grown Meat be Used to End World Hunger?

Hunger is one of the major problems in the world today. Research shows that 12.5% of the world population is hungry. It’s a figure that should cause chills on everyone’s skin as everyone on earth needs access to proper food. The technological world has been working on many innovations that could potentially provide a solution for food shortage. One of them is lab-grown meat.
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Artificial Photosynthesis

Artificial Photosynthesis: The Best Source of Alternative Energy

Humans depend on plants for oxygen and to keep the environment clean of CO2. The increase in human population and activities has resulted in a steady decline in plants and thus in the danger of increasing global warming as well as dwindling energy options. In order to fight this almost inevitable catastrophe, researchers are coming up with a way of carrying out the process plants use to create energy outside the plants. This is called artificial photosynthesis.
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Linguistic Relativity Languages

Linguistic Relativity and Language: You Are What You Speak

People have gone all over the world to answer one particular question and that is whether or not our languages shape the way individuals think. Linguistic experts, in particular, have been paying close attention to this question since the 40s, coming up with the concept of linguistic relativity. If you were to speak French, you may start to think more fashionable than before whereas if you started speaking Swedish, you may just start feeling really good about taxation all of a sudden. You know, we joke, but basically, that is what linguistic relativity is all about.
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