Chemical Imbalance Depression Mental Health

Depression and the Myth of Chemical Imbalance

I remember once as a teenager I was very sad for something that I now cannot remember and I asked my mom for a pill of those that the doctors gave her to cure her chronic sadness. She told me: “Oh, my little girl. It is not that easy… If so, I would have been cured for a long time”. My mother was diagnosed with almost every mental illness that was trendy in the 80s and 90s. She knew by that time, the late 90s, that medication was not exactly the cure for depression or the often claimed chemical imbalance of the brain.
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Facebook Social Media Pakistan Women

Facebook Isolates and Liberates Women in Pakistan

Social media has become the voice of our world today. Facebook has surely made the world a smarter place. It is a free tool to share your personal information. It’s not wrong to say that it has changed the way we share our lives with the world. Whether it is your thoughts, photos, videos, your favorite movies, books or anything that is supposed to be personal is now smartly plastered on your social media profile. For women in Pakistan, however, things like Social Media aren’t as straightforward.
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Children Violence Climate Change War

Children of the World: Victims of Violence and Climate Change

The ones most affected by climate change and violence in the world are people living in poverty. Where should they go? What should they do to save themselves? How can they live a normal life? These are the questions that bring tons of other questions with them. But who is going to take responsibility for them? Children, of all, suffer the most, but a solution is hard to come by.
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Smart cities

Self-Defending Smart Cities and AI Technology

Tech experts all around the world have different opinions when it comes to smart cities and artificial intelligence. Though they believe that AI technology has the potential to change the world, they are not quite sure whether it is for the better or not and what kind of effect it will have on an average person. There are people who believe that humanity will be better off in the hands of advanced high tech AI systems whereas others who believe that it is precisely this kind of technology that will be the downfall of humanity as we know it.
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Asthma medicine and Parkinson disease

Can Asthma Medicine Reduce the Risk of Parkinson Disease?

3 years after three time world champion boxer Muhammed Ali retired from boxing, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1984. He died in July of 2016. While so many of us have heard the name of this particular disease that took the life of people far too precious, we barely know anything about it. We see someone suffering from this disease and we feel bad for them but how much do we really know about why this disease occurs in a human brain?
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100% Renewable Energy Fossil Fuels

100% Renewable Energy: Can we Live without Fossil Fuels?

When we talk about energy production and consumption, we inevitably have to talk about Fossil Fuels and renewable energy. The impacts of coal and oil on our planet is undeniable and the search for viable alternatives is still ongoing. Over time, the dream of being independent of depletable Fossil Fuels and to switch to potentially endless environmental resources like water, solar, and wind has grown significantly and becomes more realistic every day. Today, some countries and regions are already utilizing 100% Renewable Energy, but is that a realistic goal for all of us? What would it take to realistically ditch Fossil Fuels and bank on 100% Renewable Energy?
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Online Piracy Torrenting Download

Digital Pirates: How Piracy Changes Consumerism for Good

If you’ve lived through the early days of the internet and beyond, chances are you have indulged yourself in some innocent internet piracy. Chances are that you have seen the rise and fall of Napster and enjoyed the way it helped you discover new music and download it for free. The industry went head over heels in taking down these early but widespread signs of a consumer revolution, misreading that piracy is not only an inevitable part of our society but way more than that. While pirating content is a real crime with real-world consequences, it has had effects on the way we all consume goods for the better. However, it still poses great challenges to established industries that resist changing the status quo.
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What Facebook Data

What Data does Facebook Collect From Us? Take a Look!

Cambridge Analytica and the Facebook Data Breach are still very much dominating the news, especially with the recent hearing involving Mark Zuckerberg. While changes to Facebook’s approach to Data Security and Privacy are (hopefully) imminent, we actually went ahead and checked what of our data Facebook actually saves and uses. We downloaded a copy of our Facebook data and looked closely what Facebook actually has on us.
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Technology Patience

Technology Kills Patience: The Generation that Does Not Wait

How many of us are still willing to sit for at least thirty minutes to be served with whatever we want in a restaurant? How many of us are willing to start from the bottom then work our way to the top or to be patient to get a promotion? Just how many of us are still willing to wait? Almost no one. Technology has truly killed our patience.
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Genetics Race Racism Science

Genetics and Race: Science is Colorblind

The concept of race seems to be an inherent trait of humanity. While diversity is increasingly accepted and embraced by many, ideologies like white supremacy keep looming on the fringes. Racism is deeply rooted in the fear of the unknown and the rejection of superficial differences. Genetics prove just how arbitrary these notions actually are, and that science actually cannot define or replicate the races as clearly as we use them, making them a primarily social concept.
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