Ombudsman Victor Ciorbea

Romanians Demand the Resignation of the Ombudsman

On January 5th, the Romanian Ombudsman, Victor Ciorbea, has challenged the Law 90/2001 at the Constitutional Court of Romania, which prohibits convicted criminals to be members of the government. Following this action, the civic society started a petition demanding his resignation which has already been signed by over 144,850 people.
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The Great Romanian Tax Scrap

The Head of the PSD (leftist party), Liviu Dragnea, has scraped 102 taxes for 2017, days before the official election has started. This action violates the Constitution and the Fiscal Responsibility Law: it is against the law to cut taxes before elections; it has to specify the funding source for measures of this kind.
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Deforestation in Romania

For many people, the small country of Romania represents nature. Many important figures visit Romania for the sole purpose of seeing and becoming involved in a lifestyle that was said to be extinct for hundreds of years.
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Bureaucracy in Romania

On-Going Bureaucrazy in Romania

Romania is a country full of controversies. We have one of the highest numbers of medals when it comes to international Math, Physics and Chemistry contests, but at the same time, one of the highest percentages of illiteracy in the EU.
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Rosia Montana

Rosia Montana: Between Truth and Manipulation

Roșia Montană is a mining village in the Apuseni Mountains, Alba County, Transylvania, Romania. It is located in Rosia Valley, and crossed by the Rosia River. The Roşia River is rich in minerals, especially iron, which gives a reddish color, hence the common name in Romanian and Hungarian. The reddish color of the water is due to excessive mining that lasted for over 2000 years.
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