Dashain in Nepal

Dashain Festival in Nepal Redefined

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Dashain? Probably, the Malashree Dhun starts ringing in your head, taking you back to those childhood days when you would spend whole day flying kites – counting the number of chaits you’ve made in a single day-and enjoying whole night playing cards hoping to scrounge every single penny in your friend’s pocket. But is it the same today? Do we still remember that the festival of Dashain is meant to enjoy together with friend and family, rather than alone?
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Girl in Nepal

Being a Daughter in Nepal: An Unimaginable Curse

We often say that we are in the 21st Century, the age of science, technology, awareness, and education. But let’s look at poor developing countries like Nepal, where people lack basic education and are unaware about Science and Technology. People still blindly follow religious practices, which were handed down to them, although they don’t know the reasons behind them or why they are performed.
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Qatar Diplomatic Crisis and Its Effect on Migrant Workers

Nepal ranks third among the countries that are heavily dependent on remittance. The flow of foreign money accounts for 29.6 percent of the country’s 21.2 billion dollar GDP. The near-quarter GDP comes from more than 3.5 million workforce that serves in various corners of the globe, notably the Gulf Nations.
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Mahashivaratri and The Pashupatinath Temple

Once a year, for the devotees of Lord Shiva (The God of Creation, Destruction, Regeneration, Meditation, Arts, Yoga and Moksha according to the Hindu Legend), there’s a festival that gives the chills like no other called Mahashivaratri.
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