Devadasi Pratha

The Curse of Being a Girl: The Devadasi Pratha Tradition in India

One fine morning when 10-year-old Anjali woke up, she was rubbed with turmeric and showered with Neem water. Feeling all neat and tidy, she was then given the first Sari (traditional dress of women in India) of her life and a tray full of tempting sweets to gorge on. Little did Anjali know the terrible fate which awaited her the next day hence. She, like thousands of other girls, was going to become a scapegoat in the religious muddle popularized by the name of Devadasi or Servants of God.
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Water Crisis in Pakistan

Water Crisis in Pakistan: Another Perspective

Water is the factor that denotes life. We are living here on Earth due to the fact that almost 70% of the planet has water. Following Darwin’s “Survival of the Fittest” postulate, the countries have designed the mechanisms that can help conserve water for the coming years. It is said that the 3rd World War would be fought over water. There is already a water crisis in Pakistan
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Baby Farming: Gujarat’s Surrogacy Industry

Anand, a small town in Gujarat that is also known as the pioneer of Milk Revolution or White Revolution in India, has earned itself yet another reputation of “baby farm” where childless couples can get a baby. With commercial surrogacy banned in most of the countries and a hefty price tag in countries where it is allowed, likely parents from all parts of the world travel to Anand, Gujarat, to “rent a womb” for 9 months.
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Narendra Modi: TIME Readers’ 2016 Person of the Year

History was written on the evening of May 26th 2014 when Narendra Modi took oath as the Prime Minister of India after a historic mandate from the people of India. This significant event was repeated again when he was selected as the TIME Person of the Year 2016 by the online readers’ poll. Beating famous world leaders like US president elect Donald Trump, ex-US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin, Narendra Modi won with 18 per cent of the vote when the poll closed.
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TV Wars: Media Censorship on the Rise in India and Pakistan

Ever since the military confrontation between India and Pakistan along the Line of Control (LOC) began after the September 18th attack on the Uri Base in the Indian Administered Kashmir, in which 17 Indian Soldiers were killed, erupted a country-wide protest against Pakistan and political workers of some hardcore Hindu nationalist groups like RSS and Shiv-Sina demanded a complete boycott of Pakistan.
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