Venezuela referendum

Plebiscite: What Does That Word Mean in Venezuela?

Sunday 16th of July. The Venezuelan people have decided to go and express their disagreement with Maduro’s administration through a local referendum, the Constituent National Assembly (ANC in Spanish) and their desire to go through an election process to reestablish the constitutional power in the country. For the government, it is an act of treason!
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Venezuela expats

Venezuela – Decision Making: Stories From Home and Abroad

A few days ago, I was overwhelmed with the idea that my decisions were not mine anymore. I had this feeling of leaving my decision-making process to others, to chance and to some obscure strings that were pulling my life towards many different directions. I was not the owner of my future; my plans belonged to someone else.
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Get Out or Die Trying: Why are Venezuelans Leaving their Homeland?

Imagine you suddenly live in a place where the sound of everybody’s speech has a strange music, a music you have never heard before and that does not ring any bell in your memory. Imagine you wake up and the sounds of the city do not match the ones you grew up with, the food you cook is nice but it just does not have that familiar taste you were so fond of. Even the air feels different, maybe hotter, maybe drier, maybe it does not smell like the ocean anymore. Welcome, you don’t live in Venezuela anymore, you live abroad.
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Countless citizens in Venezuela protest on the streets.

Miss Universe, Oil and Politics: What is going on in Venezuela?

Venezuela has always been known, at least in Latin America and the Caribbean, for its beautiful women and their ability to walk out of beauty pageants as crowned queens. The mixture of races and the plethora of colors available in our country have blessed some of the faces that have won these contests and have marveled jurors for years.
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The Problem with Democratic Socialism in Venezuela

Democratic Socialism is literally just socialism, and this particular term was not really in flux until fairly recently within the United States and some parts of Europe as well. Indeed there are social democracy movements around Europe, yet some of them fall well short of having actually anything to do with socialism. Some of them are literally like the Democratic Party in the United States; essentially a corporatist movement, slapping the ‘socialism’ label on themselves in a vain attempt to have youth appeal, in a sort of “Marx is a splendid guy but communism goes too far” way.
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Sierra de Perija

The Struggle for Sierra de Perija’s Survival

The Sierra de Perija is a national park which is located in the northwest of Venezuela, is part of the mountain range of the Andes and is at the border with Colombia, it has an important ecosystem with humid to subhumid tropical rainforests and high-mountain grasslands extending across 700,000 acres.
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Parliamentary Election 2015 in Venezuela

On December 6th of 2015, parliamentary elections were celebrated in Venezuela, where people voted for those who today are the 167 deputies, from the different entities of the country in the National Assembly, including indigenous representatives.
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