Affluenza and Ethan Couch

Affluenza, Ethan Couch and the Curse of Being Rich

Moments before affluenza-stricken Texas teen Ethan Couch killed 4 people while driving drunk in 2013, he was brazenly playing chicken with oncoming traffic at high speeds. His souped-up pick-up was full of other teens in varying states of drunkenness as he sped recklessly down Burleson-Rhetta road, where he then caused the devastating collision. Then just 16 and extremely intoxicated, Ethan managed to escape the wreckage with a few scrapes.
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Nuns growing cannabis

Nuns Growing Cannabis: Lifting America One Mind at a Time

Cannabis has faced a lot of criticism from people over the decades. While youngsters are mostly in the favor of it, it is the older generations that sometimes object to it. But you’ll be surprised to find a 59-year-old nun Sister Kate who has made a business out of it, and there’s even other nuns growing cannabis.
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Child marriage in America

Child Marriage in America is Still Happening

Forced child marriage is a human rights violation. It is a severe impediment to social and economic development. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is well known for its work to end forced child marriage almost all over the world and especially in developing countries.
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Injection centers

Injection Centers, Death Rate and the US Government

According to STAT, it can be expected that as many as 650,000 people will die in the next decade due to opioid overdose. This equals to the entire population of the city of Baltimore. If precautions such as safe injection centers aren’t taken to control this, the United States of America risks losing a whole city worth of people in 10 years.
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Women in media

Women in Media and The #MeToo Movement

10 years ago, a black activist named Tarana Burke started a movement in order to encourage females to be empowered through empathy. When the Harvey Weinstein case emerged, it brought with it a surge of emotions that had been laying dormant in women all over the world. These women had been quiet for far too long. Burke wanted to get one thing clear and that was that almost every woman on the face of the earth, no matter what minority or majority she belongs to, has been a victim of sexual assault and/or harassment at least once in her lifetime.
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Horseshoe Theory Left Right Politics

United by Hatred: Left, Right, and the Horseshoe Theory

Being from Europe, I find American politics absolutely fascinating. They resemble more of an entertainment event, rather than a careful process where the fate of the country is decided. Plus, the dichotomy between Left and Right is more distinct (by design) and this bleeds in the general populous. It became obvious to me during the last elections and I started recognizing the same phenomena in Europe with Brexit. Could this be the famed Horseshoe Theory at work?
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White Supremacy Racism Equality

USA – The Pinnacle of Racism and White Supremacy

We have talked about inherent racism and racial divide in the USA a bunch of times already, looking at different angles, but mostly in regards to recent history. However, to conclude our journey into just how embedded racism is in the history of the United States, one has to go back to the beginning to understand that racist ideology and White Supremacy are not just an occurrence, but arguably part of the very foundation of America.
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US Coal Industry Coal Miners

Broken Promises: The US Coal Industry is Dying

Coal was a dominant topic in the presidential race of 2016. Hillary Clinton vowed to go further down the road laid out by Obama, famously dubbed the “War on Coal” by Republicans (which isn’t accurate, but more on that later). This meant focusing on aid for retired and laid off coal miners in anticipation of a further decline and to soften its social implications, while also banking on reducing carbon emissions and strengthening renewable energy. Trump, on the other hand, posed as a close ally of coal miners in states dominated by coal, using them as cheap props at rallies while he promised them they would all get their jobs back. After over a year, none of his promises turned out to be true. The US coal industry is dying, and the current president is only making it worse for those he swore to represent, especially coal miners.
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Trump Twitter Parents Children

Donald 2.0: How to Avoid Raising the Next Trump

Donald Trump is many things. He is, of course, the President of the United States. He is the mastermind behind “The Apprentice.” But above all else, he’s a child. From Twitter tantrums to name-calling, Trump is easily the most childish 71-year-old president in history. His lack of sensitivity and respect and his self-centered, fragile ego are traits that should have prevented him from becoming the head of the United States of America – and yet, here we are. Something went right for Trump and, subsequently, wrong for America. Parents: it’s on us now to do whatever we can to avoid bringing up Trump 2.0.
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