Cuba 2020: Cold War Relic or Rumblings of Change?

Cuba – There’s one thing we can all agree on about Fidel Castro: The fact that not everyone will ever view him the same way. Musicians and public figures lauded him for his revolutionary spirit; Tom Morello comes to mind here. But then again, when is the Rage Against the Machine guitarist NOT saying something controversial? Even the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau didn’t have too much bad to say against Castro; he said little of the horrific human rights violations committed under Castro’s regime.
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Cuba’s Hand-Delivered Internet

In first world countries we can often tend to take the world of the internet for granted. For example, as you are reading this you probably didn’t think much about how amazing it was that you were able to easily get access to the web and read this article. However, for people in Cuba with massive restrictions, the internet can be a much more valuable commodity.
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