17 Amazing Pieces of Nature Street Art

As I was walking in my neighborhood, in a small city called Montreal, in Quebec, Canada, I realized that even though we live surrounded by buildings, stores, and street work all the time, I think people are craving for nature. Of course, we have many trees, squirrels, and parks, but the call of nature is palpable.
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Banff National Park in Canada

Oh Canada: The Road to Banff National Park

Have you ever seen a tourism ad for Canada, or have you ever been awed by the sheer beauty of those breathtaking Canada pictures on Reddit, Instagram or anywhere else on the internet? Whatever it was, chances are that you have laid eyes on the self-proclaimed holy grail of Canadian nature – Banff National Park.
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Pitbull Breed Specific Legislation

Breed Specific Legislation: The Pit bull S#!t Legislation

How can I describe what life has been like for me and my dog since Montreal’s Breed Specific Legislation has been on the table? Saying “It Sucks” does not embody the sleepless nights, anxiety, quality of life change. It can’t describe the defensiveness every time we leave the house. And it surely won’t describe the hours upon hours of research and struggling to understand the bylaw and keep my dog safe. It is as if every dog owner of a dog similar to a pit bull-type dog has been labeled a criminal. That our dogs are weapons that we are carrying around unconcealed.
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canada apartment hell

Canadian Horror Story: Apartment Hell

Tenants and landlords have certain rights in Canada; these rights vary from province to province and vary in how they apply to tenants. However, getting these rights enforced can be a difficult task if you don’t have access to the right resources. As shown in the following tale, Montreal, Quebec can be a place that makes it difficult for tenants to get the help they need to live peacefully in their homes.
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Breed specific legislation, pitbull

Breed Specific Legislation: Truth and Consequences

It was a morning walk like any other: I was out with my toddler and my dog and we were paused at the local bridge, watching the creek water run rapidly over the rocks after recent rains. My daughter was delighting at the sound of the water as my dog sniffed every blade of grass she could find. Then a Police car drove past us, which didn’t phase me until he slowed right down and pulled a U-turn in the middle of the street and drove back towards us. Thanks to Breed Specific Legislation, I froze then and there.
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Breed Specific Legislation, pit bull

Breed Specific Legislation: A Dog Owner’s Perspective

September 27th, 2016 Montreal passed an animal control bylaw banning new pit bull-type dogs and requiring existing ones to be muzzled, harnessed, and on a 4-foot leash at all times when outside their home. They call it Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) and this is my partial account of what this meant for me.
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Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau: Honorary Prime Minister of… Pakistan?

The Flashback

“Roads blocked with the barriers, policemen on all the entry points of the city, strict checking of the public and some of the city´s major roads closed for general public. A convoy of 20-25 vehicles, with many of them having the traditional red-blue lights, entered the city. It was the leading political figure of a developing country from South Asia, who was to address a corner meeting in one of the major cities of the country”.
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First-past-the-post in Canada

First-Past-the-Post: A Distorted View of Canada

Recently, there was an uproar regarding the Liberals not following through with their campaign promise of Electoral Reform. You may ask, “So what?” Followed by, “Politicians rarely follow through with their campaign promises. And they’ve already broken a few of their promises! He was elected because anything was better than Harper!” or maybe “I’m not from Canada.”
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Residential schools

Modern Colonization: Canada’s Hidden History of Residential Schools

Ask a non-Canadian what they think of the ‘Great White North’, and they will probably cite the country’s glorious system of liberal democracy, stable and fair governance, and the cutesy antics of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, yet beneath the world’s envy of Canada lurks a tragic past which has scarred and blighted the First Nations communities, namely the “residential schools”.
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